State of the Union Address 2020

Thought there’d be a thread. Tonight’s SOTU address is billed as Trump’s plan for the future. So far he’s talked of economic prosperity and unemployment rates amongst all nationalities decreasing greatly. Hoping for more winning!

Pelosi looks like she ate a bug.

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Wage increases. Couple of digs at Obama.

“Blue Collar Boom!”


Live stream on YouTube by Washington Post.

Dems are tearful tonight.


Jobs, energy, and excitement in opportunity zones.

They can only stand when she stands.

Long night for the sulking.

Couple of miscues on the TelePrompTer. Should have been “not treated fairly in many years”

I feel like trump has appealed to ross Perot voters and Republicans. Good luck dems that will be tough to beat.

I despise trump but that’s my take.

Can’t tell if Nancy is clapping for Madura or the coalition…


Uh oh, Venezuela got some splainin’ to do!

Pelosi mouthed “Freedom unifies the soul.” After Trump said it.

President Guaido there !! Nice surprise. Dictator Maduro loved by Omar & Bernie.

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Space force!!

Music video commemorating the Space Force

Has he mentioned the $1trillion deficit and 2.3% GDP growth yet?


I think he puts in about the same time slot Obama and every other POTUS does.

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dimocrats looking so small and bitter.


Lol did he just shout out his wife’s anti cyber bullying thing? That’s hilarious.

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It’s always funny when a bully decries bullying isn’t it.

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Lol he made healthcare sixty percent cheaper apparently.