State Department warned about possible pandemic from Wuhan lab in 2018

What’s warped are the double standards libs are applying to Joe Biden’s accuser.

Senator Kennedy of Louisiana is calling for a Senate investigation of the origins of the virus including a possible lab origin:

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Trying to get you to stay remotely on the vague fuzzy contours of a box of squirrels on meth.

When you do anything but hand wave and make up wild conspiracy theories to not havecto deal with 23 named sexual assault accusers and two credible rape allegations against President Trump, THEN you can pretend to have a moral leg to stand on.

Libs are the ones preaching it and I’m simply pointing out that they aren’t practicing it. Sorry if that hit home.


The media has a strange relationship with the Chinese government. They realize that the government is oppressive and has concentration camps for political opponents and ethnic minorities, but they are more than willing to ignore those facts so long as they continue to have access to China:

Recent history show that China has been more than willing to expel reporters who don’t follow the party line:

That background may explain why the media have been so reluctant to investigate the likely lab origin for the virus.

Their dilemma will be if they see an opportunity to bash Trump by exploiting this story. How can they criticize Trump for not adequately questioning China’s lies while still sucking up to Xi?

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Turns out China only let people in to investigate that were corrupt. Like Fauci’s subcontractor that wanted to hide the NIH involvement in funding the lab. The WHO is useless.

What do you think it was manufactured for, then? And why was Fauci funding it?

Well you can just throw that belief right out the window. You should always question censorship. I hope you learned.