State Department tells US citizens to hide where they are

Listen to those people screaming in the airport, no this is not a Saigon moment everything going as planned here.

Pelosi is still commending Biden:

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“The Taliban must know the world is watching its actions.”

Does she not realize that she is talking about people who love to televise beheadings?


The Taliban “must” know. “concerned”. :upside_down_face:

Things appear to be going from bad to worse for Americans still trapped in Kabul:

Well, don’t look at the current president and admin for any answers or solutions. They are currently out of the office and have put the whole shebang on vacation status.

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Actually, yes. If the citizenry were never willing to train to fight for their own freedom, the US could have just left.

That was never the option. At no time did they simply say, “we don’t want you”. We had a obligation and we fulfilled it. We did our job and yet have no control on how they do theirs.

For a man, who many on the left revere as an incredible and brilliant leader, he sure as ■■■■ didn’t have an ounce of foresight on how this could potentially unfold. Let’s pull all our troops out and then send them back a few weeks later. What an idiot. :crazy_face:


This has been from the get-go a DOD controlled mission. It has been fluid and changing fast. From everything I have read on this situation both the Trump and Biden administrations have made errors. But I do believe that both president’s have relied upon the DOJ to call the shots. I think we underestimated the strength of the Taliban and also how quickly the trained Afghanistan military would fold.

You ain’t seen no poster here praising those filthy barbarians.

Where did you get this?

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Pelosi should work for the UN. She’s damn good at those UN styled “strongly worded letters.”


I was really hoping the ANA would put up some kind of fight. Even if they lost, they’d have lost with honor and dignity.

Instead we get to watch a pathetic ■■■■ show.

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Ya I don’t expect any different from her, I do expect better advice from the presidents advisors unless they were all dismissed this is baffling watching the videos on Twitter coming out of Kabul airport. It looks like world war z.

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Well, “hind” is in his name. :wink:

I posted here numerous times that Biden would go full Howard Hughes.

Biden just went presto chango.

Come on maaaaan

Did you mean C.O.N.T.R.O.L

The old “Use the assassination of abandoned civilians, diplomats, and military personnel to justify declaring a resumption of war” trick.

SUPERCUT The Old Trick… in Get Smart (1965-1970)
YouTube · Tommy Westphall’s Snowglobe



either shows how out of touch they are

or how stupid they think people are

or how stupid people are.

theyre not bad folks, folks