State Department tells US citizens to hide where they are

Event : The security situation in Kabul is changing quickly including at the airport. There are reports of the airport taking fire; therefore we are instructing U.S. citizens to shelter in place.

The Kabul situation is looking even worse than Saigon in 1975 on several levels. There are no helicopters flying personnel from the embassy to ships off shore.

The 5000 US troops are severely outnumbered. Can they safely transport all the Americans to safety? Or are they likely to be captured too?

What happens if and when US embassy personnel are captured by the Taliban?
Will they be held for ransom? Or executed for war crimes?

What is the going rate from China for CIA operatives captured by the Taliban?

Things could get very ugly very quickly.

Biden is at the helm and has this fully under control.

And where is Biden?

Oh wait I know…hiding.

They have to pump him full of meds for next couple days so he can come out and speak to America. Meanwhile our allies around the world are blaming Biden regime.

Thanks libs.


Biden had the stones to get us out of that hell hole. If after 20 years the Afghanis cant get their ■■■■ together, why should we care? I though the MAGA people would be happy that we are pulling out… instead it appears that they are cheering the Taliban. Strange times.

Where are you getting this assumption?

Did the US presence in Afghanistan train civilian militias and arm all the citizens who wanted to keep their newfound freedoms? Or did the only train the military class and expect the citizens to trust their safely to professional soldiers and police. They had 20 years to train citizens in defense against Islamists. What did they do?

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They are loading people on mass into cargo planes and flying into Qatar.

Most Afghans seem more interested in staying in the seventh century and have loyalty only to their local tribe/clan. Afghanistan will probably return to tribal warfare once the Americans are gone.

Trying to impose western ideals of women’s rights, gay rights, and democracy are not popular.

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You do understand that we can not dictate who gets trained and to what level. Everything that has been done is withing UN standards with the approval of the Afghanistan government. It was never our call who we trained and armed. We trained a army of 300K and gave them the tools they need. It is not the fault of the US that many of these forces are laying down instead of fighting for their country.

Sure they were popular to the local folks. They are not popular with the Taliban.

If western values were so popular, then why is a well-equiped army of 300,000 surrendering to 75,000 Taliban fighters?

The Soviets also tried impose foreign ideas, and killed a million Afghans before they left. The only way they could have controlled the country was to kill or deport every Afghan. That was the approach the Stalin had used to crush smaller examples of guerilla warfare.

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That is how you are going to gauge the popularity of social ideas in the population as a whole? That’s funny.

There was no military class in Afghanistan, the issue is the people who run the government and their friends fleeced America for their money over 100,000 “Ghost” privates that never existed simply on the rolls to fleece money.

no one is dying in a ditch for a government that doesn’t care about them, there is no unity in Afghanistan they are loyal to their families, tribe, region.

What an absolutely stupid thing to say.

Damn, you libs can’t control yourselves.


Why would anyone die in a ditch for Afghanistan they never controlled anything outside of the provincial capitols.

Yes, if anything the Afghan military should be made up of people who are most committed to western values. The general population is probably even less supportive.

And who makes that call? Do we get to pick who we train? I really don’t think that it works that way.
And “should be made up of” is a hell of a lot different then who really makes up the force.

No, can’t even fire them either.

What bothered me the most is every few months we would get a report that one of theirs had shot one or more of ours. And yet we hung in there. And tried to do our best in spite of working with one of the most corrupt governments in the world.

Biden like every president is surrounded by military advisors I have a hard time accepting this was best way to draw down in Afghanistan.

Shots being fired at the airport to keep civilians away, 1000 people trying to get on a jet that carries 300 the pilot saying “Please please go back” what the ■■■■■

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