Starting to See Why Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez So Frightens Conservatives


Except that capitalism does not require innovation. Its helped greatly by it but its not necessary for capitalism to exist.


Really? Are we to dismiss Schumpter and the notion of creative destruction? A stagnant capitalism…

The reason capitalism won the Cold War was the inability of the Communist system to keep up with innovation both economically and militarily.

Yes, capitalism is associated with private ownership of land and means of production, but you have the same thing under feudalism. The engine of wealth creation (and wealth creation is capitalism’s greatest quality) is innovation.

And if I needed a back-up argument I would point out that the populist anti-free trade elements of the Trump movement are also anti-capitalist. Globalization was pushed by corporate executives, not by the labor unions.

I am distinguishing the “conservatism” of talk radio, and the Trump Republican Party from more traditional conservatism, which of course, closely aligned with capitalism.


That post sounds like something out of a Pogo comic strip. She actually has come up with a plan. Not one that the GOP apparently is jumping all up and down for, but she has.


Must be big corporate farmers. Because the local family owned farms I know and I live in the middle of farm country no one travels to Disneyland let alone Hawaii on subsidy cheese money.


She has a list of what she wants. I have not seen anywhere where you has said how she is going to achieve this pipe dream.
I can say well I want to end world hunger. Nice though isn’t it. But I’m never going to end world hunger by writing in on a piece of paper. I would have to have a concrete plan and implement it to get anything done.
She’s all talk.


It’s a set of goals. She’s taking aim. Is it too lofty? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s better to have goals that do absolutely nothing. And she’s pushing off. Good. The link below has a copy of her resolution, fyi.


Yes indeed


Not at all. Are you for grounding all airplanes in ten years if there’s not a viable replacement?


In her plan it calls for upgrading every building in the US. That’s feasible? In ten years?


Nobody is calling for grounding airplanes, ever.

You should read the plan that scares you so much.


The Green New Deal proposed today would want to radically expand that bright spot, with a call to “build out high-speed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary.”

Can I get to Europe on a train?


Show me where that’s in the plan.




Here it is:

The above quote is from an overview FAQ sent out by Ocasio-Cortez’s office, not the proposal itself.

So it was AOC detailing her goal. I take her at her word.


Show me where she said there will be no planes or you have to take a train to Europe.


Affordable Care Act.


Why would you want to go to Europe? As soon as you arrive you would be taken into custody by the Islamic extremists who have taken over all those failed socialist states. Haven’t you heard its a 'no-go" zone?


And I said any of that when, exactly?


Of course you didn’t… any more than AOC proposed ending all air travel. If you ware going to turn this into a discussion fo ridiculous assertions, expect to be treated in kind. If you provide a serious response, I can assure you that I will give you a serious answer.


The picture on the left is far more accurate of AOC which means Always Off Center!!
Am I intrigued with her? Heck NO!
Do I think what she is espousing is accurate? HECK NO!
Do I feel that she makes intelligent comments? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!
Would the country be better off without her and Omar? ABSOLUTELY!!!