Starting to See Why Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez So Frightens Conservatives


Are you sure?


Its political speak for investing do you honestly think you could completely eliminate emission in 10 years? the Paris agreement is asking for 30% decree in 30-50 years.


based on the model in Europe that AOC is basing her plan on yes.
but maybe she smoked to much weed.


I’m pretty sure emissions is what comes out the tailpipe. And I know zero means “none”.


■■■■ Europe.


So you believe her plan is to just stop using fossil fuels even without a replacement? Just stop?



There are over 270 million cars in America.
do you think it is possible to remove all those from the road and replace them with zero emission cars in 10 years? its not even possible in 100 years.

you might see an increase of 20-30% with large scale subsides over decades.

Her plan is a talking point it has no real policy much like Trumps building a wall.


The question is: what does she believe. She is the face of the liberal element of the Democratic Party.


Yeah, it’s the proposed REQUIREMENT that is the problem.


It doesn’t matter what I think, I’m not a congressman.


I’m taking her at what she says - zero emissions in 10 years.


She’s the Boss.


and Trump is going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.


Does she believe in cutting off fossil fuels in ten years no matter what?


Does she have a viable replacement or she just full of it? Or is she an idiot with a big mouth and no viable plan to back up her big mouth?
In ten years she is going to have every home in America using solar or wind. Whos going to pay for it? In ten years she is going to have everyone in America using rail. Where is she going to come up with the money to lay all the track in heavy populated areas let alone rural areas in ten years?
In ten years she is going to have all farmers and construction companies using electric equipment which hasn’t even been designed yet.
How is she going to build all that rail track if we can’t use diesel powered equipment? And everyone is going to get pretty hungry when farmers have to use horses again to plant crops. That’s if they aren’t banned like cows because they have gas.
She is full of it. She is just like Al Gore running her mouth about things that she has not even come up with a solution for. She writes up a big fantasy that she has heard about for years from her lefty friends
. But you don’t hear her writing up the big plan on how she is going to achieve her pipe dream.
Like I said an idiot with a big mouth and an even big ego. Who can’t put her money where her mouth is.


Congressman don’t write laws, that is the job of legal interns and aids.


So she’s just full of ■■■■■


Apparently. Or some kind of magic muffler.


of course she is.

The Green deal is a great idea.
but that is all it is an idea.


What happened to you?