Starting to See Why Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez So Frightens Conservatives


How long did the transition take to get away from horse and carriage? Did the government say they were banned on a certain date? And what about the environment- all the pollution that came along with that innovation… is that something you’re willing to accept?


Uh no. But you have a nice night.




You twisted it a bit. She wants to require Congresspersons to stop accepting donations from groups associated with guns. I’m NOT okay with that. She can call them out for doing it, but as you say, unless she’s willing to prohibit donations from ANY lobby, it’s not going to fly.

She did not, however, suggest the banning of lobbying ACTIVITIES. Maybe a distinction without a difference in your view.


are you suggest we shouldn’t invest in innovation because it takes to long?


Air travel to train is a return to the horse and buggy.


She must not be be a big fan of the first amendment. I appreciate her coming out and admitting it at least.


I know people who still have mules and wagons.


so we shouldn’t invest in public transport because we have airplanes who’s service is getting more and more crappy.


Returning to trains is not an advance in technology.


no one is suggesting banning airplanes.
people are suggesting increasing public transportation.


No path forward for fossil fuels. What’s replacing airplanes when they’re banned?


Who is suggesting banning airplanes?
and since fossil fuel have a shelf life when they will run out it would be smart to build around that.


Zero emissions in 10 years. Know any airplanes that don’t emit?


zero emissions doesn’t mean what you think it does.


I guess not. I take it to mean zero emissions from fossil fuels. You have an alternate facts definition?


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: what does it mean?


You could read the policy its mostly fancy speak for the government subsiding green technology to offset climate pollution.

You really think America was going to switch 275 million cars into electric in 10 years? if some pass the weed.


That’s what “zero emissions” means? I thought it had to do with what comes out the tailpipe.


Its mostly about subsiding green technology over non green technology, did you honestly think America would replace 275 million cars in 10 years? thousands of factories, power plants, etc.