Starting to See Why Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez So Frightens Conservatives



Seeing a child as an “investment” is such an anti-human view.

And, your elitism is showing.


Just to be a pest, I always laugh whenever someone utters this trite phrase. It’s like the stereotype of hipster douchebags I have in my head.


We have had plenty of democratic socialists in congress and the senate over the years.

We have had plenty of young congressmen and women.

But none of them have been getting THIS level of attention, especially ones getting superstar attention before getting elected.

AOC has been in congress for less than 3 months and already seen as a leader of the Democratic party.

Whats been going on? How could somebody get so much media attention without actually accomplishing anything?

Here’s what’s going on: People love and hate her for the same reasons. She’s female. She’s young. She’s attractive. She uses the social media platform to get attention, and knows how to use manipulate said platform to get out her ideas.

Liberals like AOC because she hits on their core ideas without any apology. Conservatives hate her because she has different ideas than them, and knows in the back of their heads, are widely popular with the American people. Universal health-care, higher minimum wage, tuition-free education, and higher marginal tax rates for the top 10% poll extremely well. And btw, the countries she uses as a model for, have better growth and been more productive societies than the U.S.

If conservatives talk about idiots in the world, lets look their own government. At this moment, the Trump administration is dismantling civil rights and refusing to enforce civil rights by not doing anything. They are in denial that man-made climate change exists. We literally have an administration which shutdown the government, just because the wall length didn’t match Trump’s wishes. As for those tax cuts, well, that was a gigantic giveaway for the rich, while the middle and lower tax cuts are going to expire, giving 90% of the population a tax increase.

Let that sink here: We have an administration which is highly corrupt and proposes objectively bad ideas, and all what they want to talk about is how bad/stupid/naive AOC is. Rather perplexing right, especially since they believe that Mexico is going for pay for an impractical wall.


So can I ban money and influence in Congress from organizations and causes I don’t like? Or can only AOC do that?

You know, since she’s such a staunch supporter of the 1st and 2nd…


here’s a good example of her arrogance on display. instead of supporting her case with sensible details and facts (which she has none of) she just blurts out “i’m the boss” again essentially.

you can see her queen complex pretty clearly here. “after we’re elected we do what we want. not what electors want”. just like many democrats.


You have distorted the position I took where i was careful to state that such restrictions have to apply to all sides.

This is an example of the the core of this 1100 post discussion of AOC: people on the right refuse to discuss the positions of those they oppose but repeatedly turn those positions into caricatures.


Deflection much. This meme about Clinton is easily debunked. But I don’t see anybody defending Starr’s performance.


She explicitly said she wants to limit that one industry. I understand that you said both should be restricted, but I can’t get anyone to acknowledge her desire to limit only specific types of speech she doesn’t like.

That seems very antithetical to the first amendment. Do you not agree?


And I explicitly discussed her stated words on this issue, and you made it all about you. Good job.


Not the “lib” defense this time, is it? It’s the CRC defense.


Were they?


There are more than monetary forms of investment. But, you knew that already :wink:

Sure beats the hell out of aborting them for convenience; I’d say that is literally an anti-human view.


Meditation and thinking positive thoughts can do wonders for helping you let go of the stereotypes you have living in your head.


And let’s add that that child molester was found guilty.


She has a valid point there…


so does he


When Libs were mocking Palin back on the old board thats the line Conservatives here used on us. We weren’t mocking her, we were AFRAID of her.

Don’t know if you were here then, but the irony is palpable.


the media tried to make Palin sound as dumb as AOC actually sounds


I just don’t get why it has to be such a focus, we have a 2nd amendment. No one is taking anyone’s guns. But if you want to gin up the base, just say that and folks get all riled up.

Granted there are some nuts who might want to confiscate weapons, but they are nuts. Never going to happen. The overwhelming majority of Liberals don’t support such a measure, and a lot of Liberals in fact own weapons.

It’s just not part of their identity in the way some Conservatives seem to be.


What a ridiculous post. You should be able to do better than that.

Palin can match Cortez quote for quote in gaffes and you know it, if not far exceed her.

And every time she came out with a whopper the Libs would poke fun at her and the Cons here would retort, EVERY TIME, that we were simply frightened of her.

I make the same argument here, and I think its a reasonable one.