Stars and Stripes won’t be shutting down after all

Apparently President Trump has ordered the Pentagon to restore funding for that publication. What a guy! And all it took was him getting in hot water over trash talking soldiers who died in battle.

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Certainly would have been a bad look.

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He badly WANTS it shut down but can’t let that happen due to political ramifications. I bet this is killing him lol.

On a side note, I don’t think he has the authority to make spending decisions like this?

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Trump makes himself out the hero by “restoring” funding. Funding he took away in the first place.

Who falls for this ■■■■■


Cant trash the troops AND shut down S&S at the same time, yaknow?

One at a time.

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He took money away from the DoD. He can give it back.

It’s in Article II of the constitution.

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trump did not “trash talk soldiers“

this thread is as bad as the “news”

It’s POG tv. Let the fobbits have their shows.

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Fox seems to be doubling down on the story



love the new “not anonymous to me” angle

too bad. anonymous is anonymous

be fired

That’s not new.

It’s like Watergate never happened.


Truth is not as important as made up facts

on what grounds???

That’s been the basis of most of Mr Trumps cult meetings speeches

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Because she said nasty things about the leader of their cult.

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Her anonymous sources are “unimpeachable”? No, if they are hidden, they are unimpeachable, I guess.

Shades of Dan Rather. The exact word he used.

Its like Rathergate never happened.

Wasn’t deep throat anonymous? Or maybe you which watergate had never been exposed

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