STARBUCKS STRIKES: CEO Schultz Blames Trump for ‘Racial Divide’ | Sean Hannity

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz slammed President Trump Tuesday just hours before he closed 8,000 stores for anti-bias training, accusing the Commander-in-Chief of stoking the “racial divide” in the United States.

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I hope Schultz reads your website. He needs to read this. Trump hasn’t done one thing that should have created any animosity towards anyone. The animosity comes from eight years of the most racist and divisive president in History Barack Obama. Obama couldn’t pass up a racial incident to exploit. Ferguson, Baltimore, St Louis, Dallas, Florida, Cleveland, Detroit you name it Obama was there to blame racism on everything. A person would think an intelligent man like yourself would be able to see through all the Bull ■■■■ surrounding Trump. How the media construes his words and takes them out of context making him sound racist. How well the economy has performed since removing all of Obama’s regulations. But you have to stay with the official line. Gotta keep Daddy Soros happy.