STACEY STALLS: New Poll Shows Democrat Stacey Abrams DOWN 11 POINTS in Georgia | Sean Hannity

A stunning new poll released Sunday night shows the GOP candidate in Georgia’s gubernatorial race taking a major lead; opening up an 11 point advantage over his Democratic opponent just 24 hours before voters head to the polls.

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“Undocumented workers and illegal immigrants are part of the “blue wave” predicted for Election Day”? Question: What does a Republican need to do to win an election? NOTHING! Just let the Dummycrat do all the talking!

Gee Ms Anrams. My understanding of federal and state election law is that illegal aliens cannot legally vote in any election
So, what are you implying?
Abrams is part of the Obama, Van Jones, Saul Alinsky radical fringe left.
We can toss democrat candidates such as Ocasio Cortez in NY 14 and Gillum in Florida.
These people are lefty fringe wack jobs who HATE everything about this country.
And they are also bigots who hate caucasians,asians , Jewish people, Christians, etc
We cannot allow these people to gain control.
Such an occurrance would be an unmitigated disaster.
Vote RED!

Does this mean Okra has lost her clout??

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Hahahaha! That’s exactly what my Dad called Oprah. Her arrogance is off the charts. The gal she’s supporting? Yeah… epic disaster for Georgia if she gets elected! Epic!