Squad, We Have a Problem

If she violated campaign finance laws, she should pay the fine and face whatever punishment is befitting.

If she did a clear ethics violation that was gravely improper, the House has every right to sanction her including asking for her resignation or expulsion if it comes to that.


Its weird how one party holds their members to norms while the other takes a giant dump all over things and then says what are you going to do about it.

The sooner trump is gone the better.


It’s even weitder that the same party seems to find a way to blame all of their ills on Trump.

Passing the buck. That’s never going to change.

In enough time the GOP will be blaming all their ills on Donald too. :wink:

Again 2009 to 2016 just never happened huh?

The “Squad” bless

Why in the world would a US congressman need $5k from their campaign to keep them afloat? Sad!

That’s how it works.

Maybe to pay her rent because it’s just so darn hard to find affordable housing?

She hasn’t been held to anything.


You have one of the first liberal responses in this thread stating “well what about…”

Stole your thunder huh

Just amusing seeing how it’s ok for one side but not the other.

Anyone call him out? Nope.


Why is this a bad thing? Most congressmen are rich. Good to see someone who knows the struggles to represent the people. Two is she could have turnee to corruption.

Pretty big assumption on your part. Maybe she just sucks at money management.

So Mar Lago is cool.