SQUAD IN DETROIT: Rashida Tlaib Protests Outside Dem Debate, Demands DC ‘Tax the Rich’

Originally published at: SQUAD IN DETROIT: Rashida Tlaib Protests Outside Dem Debate, Demands DC ‘Tax the Rich’ | Sean Hannity

Squad-member Rashida Tlaib took her war against moderate Democrats to Detroit Tuesday; speaking at a ‘Tax the Rich’ event outside the upcoming presidential debates in her Michigan home town.

“Right now, I represent the third poorest congressional district so I’m right at the forefront,” she said. “So when they say things have gotten better or when some candidates are pushing back against any kind of bold approach to ending poverty in our country, it’s that right now in Michigan, just recently, it has increased poverty among children, the fact that General Motors is leaving and the trade debacle that this current administration has created — where do they stand on those?”

U.S. Rep. @RashidaTlaib blasted the use of more than $150 million in taxes to build the Little Caesars Arena. “Corporate greed is a disease,” she said before tonight’s Democratic Presidential Debate. pic.twitter.com/S78q6t0jJx

— Motor City Muckraker (@MCmuckraker) July 30, 2019

@RashidaTlaib⁩ speaks at a “Tax the Rich” rally near the site of tonight’s debate, and in front of a Trump chicken pic.twitter.com/uCWrlWd81o

— Adam Shaw (@AdamShawNY) July 30, 2019

“And you look at the Midwest, it was shocking to see many of our folks and precincts that have never been red before go red, but that’s because people need to feel heard and need to feel seen and the way you do that is making sure they come before corporations,” she said.

“So you know I’m always going to look at a person’s previous voting record, what they proposed before, because many of them have actually held office before, they’ve actually been in positions of power where they could have introduced these plans they are now proposing now — so I want to look at that more than their performance,” added Tlaib.

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