Spygate: How Right-Wing Media Creates a Conspiracy Theory Out of Thin Air

This is an intriguing read regarding the creation of the latest scandal du jour in Trumpworld. A step-by-step analysis of how a Trump sycophantic cult-conspiracy theory comes to be. It will help to inform posters here when interacting with Trumpists on this issue, and shines an interesting light on the broader problems being wrought by this President and his mouth-pieces across the media.


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The erosion of truth and honesty from the entire right wing (politicians, voters, media) is going to be a huge problem for the next few decades. You essentially have a sizable part of the electorate divorced from reality and looking for someone to blame for how their lives turned out.


Miss the whole “It was everyone else’s faul but mine”, Hillary debacle did you?[

She has publicly taken blame. Which you would know if you engaged in the real world.


This wild conspiracy isn’t based on an unsupportable dossier and a few cherry picked meetings with Russians, did it? If it did, it shouldn’t last long.

I wonder if you actually believe this.

Good read, @NebraskaFootball. I’m glad it’s being documented. I listened to it unfold on Limbaugh’s show, and it was breathtaking how he seemlessly just made ■■■■ up. No one cares that he told an elaborate, detailed story on a Monday morning " after thinking about it over the weekend and realizing what must have happened." Crazy. And sickening.


Interesting attempt at deflection I guess.

It truly is sickening. There is real world damage being done right now as well, of which this is but one small example. And for anyone who loves this nation, should horrify them.

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But @NebraskaFootball what is the endgame? There are people in that chain that know better, that know what they are doing? Where are the positives? I don’t get it.

Money is all I can think of. The longer they can keep Trump in the game, and the more divisive they can make Americans, the more they stand to profit off of our divisions. Trump is the great divider, and they are using his divisions at all costs, even at the cost of long-term damage to our nation and its institutions, to further enrich themselves. It’s the Rush Limbaugh model, amplified and multiplied exponentially out across a great number of outlets and sources. I suspect the lion’s share of the ones doing this don’t believe their garbage for even a nanosecond. But it is helping them get richer and richer by the minute.


I don’t know about it. It’s my understanding that the FBI corroborated with an individual to join the Trump campaign and then report back to them. It’s supposed to be a recent development that came from newly released information as a result of a FOIA lawsuit.

Did you read the linked article in the OP?

No…I’m working and checking in from time to time but I heard a Fox anchor speak about it. I’ll be heading home soon and I’ll read it…sorry. I’m trying to stimulate the American economy. :sunglasses:

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No need to apologize for having a life outside of these forums. Of that I can relate.

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Let me get this straight:

  • FBI spies in the Trump campaign = whack job conspiracy theory.
  • Russian spies helping the Trump campaign = sober and serious allegation.

Is that your point or do I have it backwards?

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I suppose it will all be cleared up when we find out who was sent to talk to members of the campaign, who sent them, why they were sent, when they were sent, why Trump wasn’t informed, and what they found out.

Odd that this was kept secret for so long and yet as soon as the dossier hit Trumps desk CNN was given the go ahead to publish.

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One has a actual facts to back it up…while the other one is made up?

Oh and I thought the NYT was fake news?

You understand wrong. He did not join the Trump campaign.

This information was reported days ago in real newspapers. You should try reading some of them sometime. You might learn something.

Save me the hassle and talk to me Goose.