SPREAD THE WEALTH: Sen. Harris Wants US TAXPAYERS to Subsidize California’s OUTRAGEOUS Rents | Sean Hannity

Firebrand Senator and potential 2020 hopeful Kamala Harris urged all Americans to help spread the wealth this week; calling on US taxpayers to subsidize California’s outrageous rent prices for minimum-wage workers.

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Move to South Carolina! We have lots of jobs and affordable housing! (coming from a former California resident!)

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The problem is not the rent cost… It is the government of California!!! They are taxing everyone & everything they can to pay for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!! There is a easy fix to the rent problem vote out the DEMOCRATS & put in people who will work for the American tax payer… If you choose to keep giving your HARD earned money to YOUR elected officials for the purpose of giving it away to those who have broken the laws of this great country… Then way in the hell should I be force to help pay your rent??? Wake up California or PLEASE PLEASE do what you threaten to do & anxious yourselves from the USA…

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Obviously the best solution is to give more permanent tax breaks to the corporations where those workers are only making $11 an hour and give more permanent tax breaks to the property companies that are renting these $1300 a month apartments. That will solve the problem and without costing the government one cent. Oh, they could toss in a temporary tax break for the worker, you know, so he or she could afford a CostCo or Sam’s Club membership. Just so they don’t feel left out.

Kamala Harris is yet another voice for shackles. Rents and life is impossibly expensive in California due to the destructive laws they champion. Too many handouts demanded by the unproductive citizens.

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Hey, I have a better idea. Rather than pay subsidized rents in California - the land of fruit (s) and nuts - just have the high paying jobs move to Texas where by law we have to balance the budget. And, guess what? No charge to American taxpayers!

Taxes are high in California because of all the benefits they heap on illegal aliens. In order to pay those taxes the landlords need to have higher rates. So start being responsible and live within your means (this is for the politicians) if you don’t want to go bankrupt. It works for all us that have to pay taxes you impose. Then again their solution is to raise more taxes, not fix the problem.

The land of the outrageous dictators! Where San Francisco now has a new division of labors paid $185,000 each per year and more to clean up human feces (and maybe needles as well) from the streets. California, used to be beautiful land of the free and good weather, has become the land of human waste, welfare and illegal immigrants growing in substantial numbers - and they have the GALL to demand already overburdened taxpayers be continually be beaten to a pulp for more blood money - go to hell Cali - deal with your self inflicted problems yourself - leave the rest of us out of it!!!

She is obviously abusing drugs.

I worked two jobs to pay my rent until I moved up the ladder at work. Why do liberals expect everyone the puts forth effort for what they earn to pay for those that do not?

Kamal is a delusional idiot! California’s Liberal politics and corruption got them into this mess, and they need to get themselves out of the mess they created. It’s kind of like all the feces all over California; you made your bed of feces, now you sleep in it! You clean up your own crap, don’t expect the rest of the country to clean up your mess!

The typical logical thinking person would see this idea and dismiss it as absurd,.
To left wing radicals who are always mining for votes by pandering to the free stuff gimme crowd, see nothing odd about their ideas.
Especially when their proposals result in the extraction of other people’s money.
Ms Harris, your idea is DEAD WELL BEFORE ARRIVAL

Simply described as “doo-doo” legislation.

This problem feeds upon itself,.
Politicians spend too much. They discover the fiscal holes THEY create. They vote to increase taxes to fill the holes.
Those taxes are passed along to end users. That includes owners of multi family dwelling units.
So, the bottom line is this, elected officials create a crisis, fix it and then have to fix the fix. Meanwhile the taxpayers get ALL of the bill.
Rents are high for two main reasons. One, demand. There is for some unknown reason, a desire to reside in these urban areas. Two, Property and other taxes charged to land owners. These also drive rental rates.
Politicians such as Harris, need only look into the nearest mirror. There they will see the root of the problem.
My message to her and those like her. “Hey genius, if you are so worried about subsidized housing, feel free to write a check. Take care of the problem created by YOU”.