Sports and Marijuana

As a former track athlete who’s been tested a few times, I agree with the suspension. As dumb as it is to suspend someone for weed, rules are the rules.
The IOC and the IAAF is law when it comes to drugs in track & field. Even though in Eugene, Oregon weed is legal, it doesn’t matter in the eyes of the IOC or the IAAF.

Now, the good part about this, it’s going to force those 2 entities to make some changes in their Marijuana policies. It’s going to change, guarantee that. Also, for Sha’Carri this is still going to be a win win for her because her brand is going to sky rocket. Hell, if this was such a big thing Nike would be dropping her, they won’t.

From a track coach perspective, there wasn’t going to be a guarantee she was winning gold anyway, not with that start. Shelly Ann Frayser Pryce, Sherricka Jackson and Dina Asher Smith (defending champ) would have given her all she could handle. The blessing in disguise is that she’s young and will be 23 when the 2024 games come around. Also, she still got world champs next year in Eugene, OR. This girl is a monster in the 100m, she’s going to be fine.

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Zero tolerance, period.
I’m just glad it was grass, and not enhancing drugs.
I like her, her short legs, kinda scrawny, she should not be able to cover such a distance so fast, and she is horrible out of the start. I mean such short leg advantage, she should explode out better than everyone else.
She can actually get better, and I’d like to see that growth, and maybe tone down the look a bit, too much can be too much.
Can she not get a medical weed prescription card?
Come on, sore feet…
Got Trump out of Vietnam, should get her her med-card.
Those nails can’t help her in the blocks, just sayin’.

It’s a world rule for the olympics I wouldn’t hold my breath for it changing. Outside of some western countries they are surrounded by let’s say less liberal countries views on marijuana.

Oh good, the memes are happening. lol


Weed cards are expensive, & how will learning her biological mother passed away get her one? Why should she?

Suspending her makes as much sense as taking away Romanian gymnastics medalist Andrea Raducan’s all around gold away from her because of Sudafed she took for a cold.

That’s a shame.

A family member of my husband died in his native Algeria from colon cancer. Marijuana isn’t legal there, & I don’t know what kind of pain management the man may have gotten.

Why should any international athletic community be expected to bend to the norms of developing world countries?

They still execute or demand harsh prison sentences for marijuana in way more countries than its legal in. I don’t know how the world olympics do there voting if it’s each country has a vote etc… But if it was a simple yay or nay vote across all countries it doesn’t have a chance.

The moral of the story is:

You can’t smoke cannabis in women’s sports, but you can have a penis.


It’s a weird day when I agree with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on anything, but today I do:

You can put pronouns on resumes, ask others to call you zee, compete as a woman if you were born male, but relax with some weed and your suspended?!


I hope it was a good joint and maybe she listened to this song

My condolences regarding the death of her mother.