Sports and Marijuana

Can someone tell me why this is suspension worthy?

Is weed going to build her muscles?

Or stimulate her, like caffeine?

Might it enhance her performance with a little case of the munchies?

Anyone know why THC is still a banned substance? And why should anyone at all care that an athlete in bereavement indulged in some weed?

I don’t agree with it but it seems to be a policy for the Olympics not just a U.S. thing, I dug this up.

“THC is classified as a Substance of Abuse because it is “frequently abused in society outside of the context of sport.” As such, “all natural and synthetic cannabinoids are prohibited” by the World Anti-Doping Code.

It is no longer treated as a performance-enhancing drug, use of which would be banned year-round, but athletes are restricted from actively using marijuana before and during competition windows.

Recreational use outside of competition isn’t prohibited, but lingering traces can trigger a positive test and result in an athlete’s disqualification"

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I think this is awful, but these rules aren’t U.S. exclusive rules - unfortunately, she knew the risk. Her public statement is absolutely gut wrenching and she’s taken full responsibility for her actions. That’s so damn rare in these times that I’m now a fan of hers for life.

Here’s the minimum for a positive result:

Cannabinoid Screen and Confirmation (Urine) - Health Encyclopedia - University of Rochester Medical Center.

Dang! 5mg THC in an edible knocks me out!

50 ng/dl sounds like a lot, and positives go through a confirmation test to determine if it is confirmed or a false positive.

I admire her for admitting her action & not asking the games adapt to her. Still am not losing sleep over her choice of this substance & feel the Committee needs to get in the modern area & discontinue THC as a banned substance.

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I don’t cry for Richardson. The rules are the rules, and I have no doubt she knows them, or that she knew them at the time she chose to partake of the substance.

But that’s not the actual point of the thread. Her situation is just a springboard for the larger question.

The whole business of eligibility is warped and disordered now. Alter your body to become a pseudo-woman, and you’re still good to compete. (As a woman!) Celebrate making the team with a doobie, and you’re out on your ass.


There’s a lingering idiocy that having THC in your system blunts the feeling of pain in combat sports.

Nick Diaz was suspended by USADA for 5 years for having THC in his system. It was eventually reduced to 18 months with a 100k fine.

Tyson took both cannabis and shrooms the day of his exhibition match with Roy Jones Jr.

They need to change this ridiculous rule ASAP.

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Meanwhile, it’s perfectly acceptable for athletes to get obliterated out of their minds on alcohol. Makes no sense to me.

Ya I don’t get it. She wasn’t high when she ran. UFC fighters are smoking joints a press conferences and they are under USADA.

Those are CBD strains.

Well, looks like some sanity did shine through this year. I stand corrected.

ESPN’s Brett Okamoto tweeted to clear up rumours over whether it was CBD or not, saying: "Nate Diaz (@NateDiaz209) was smoking marijuana on stage not CBD, his team tells me.

I’ve yet to find a smokable cbd that won’t trip off a test.

Ya and it’s the right move. I just don’t understand the place usada had in wada I guess. I thought they operated the same.

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Don’t be stoned in competition makes sense as a safety issue. Not really but I’ll allow the concern at least.

Don’t have thc molecules in your body ever is just dumb policy for humanity

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Especially since cannabinoids (lipids) are food products.

They’re as necessary for your health as vitamins.

I don’t know. And Why are they still busting people for growing pot in Cal. I thought it was legal…

Thankfully, it looks like she’ll still be competing.


License and tax evasion, illegal grows on public lands, etc. I took a lil google satellite trip through the Emerald Triangle the other day while also looking at realtor app and you’ll find well setup beautiful farm properties for what seems cheap and you’ll wonder why and it will say “seller lost license”. If they bought it to be a commercial grow and can’t pass muster then its just another failing businesses and you either sell on the grey/black market and get busted or sell the farm I guess.

For the licensing side, looks like Oklahoma is the state that’s figured it out best, which is unexpected because they don’t even have recreational yet, just medical.

Sounds like more people will be bused for growing pot in the future than in the past because now people in govt want the money.

To Ms. Richardson YOU GO GIRL!

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