Spicey Busts Out

Sean Spicer is set to perform on this season’s Dancing With The Stars. Hopefully he is as good at dancing with his feet as he was his mouth and lasts for awhile at this gig.

Trump will not like that someone is taking the limelight away from him. If Spicers jaunt on DWTS gets media traction I expect Trump to post something disparaging about him.

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They must be hoping for the Barr effect to raise ratings. Cable is dying…

ABC isn’t cable. It’s a network owned by one of the biggest media companies in the world, they’re fine.


Hopefully they get Melissa McCarthy, in character as Spicey, to be his partner.

Must see TV

Dancing With The Stars is the type of show that’s played on a continuous loop at the county jail to dissuade people from returning.


Most watch them on Cable.

Irrelevant. Still broadcast OTA for free.

What percent of people still use antenna?

I know a lot who use digital antenna. They get the major networks and local channels for free and pay for streaming services.

ABC is in no trouble, but the cable providers and digital cable channels are seeing a down tick.


Yes… less than 15% of people use TV antenna.


ABC should be ashamed of itself.

Isn’t that funny…two of Trump’s former press people, Sean Spicer and Sara Huckabee, both end up on reality TV shows this week.

Yes… Three years of lies about Trump…

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Yes… CNN is more of a non-reality show as we all have learned…

Spicer had the worst debut in DWTS history…PERIOD

Yeah…only cuz this show isn’t racist…amirite? :sunglasses:

But he looks so…