Spent all that time and money for a college degree just to work at Starbucks?

My God do we sorely need to reform our arcane and outdated education system?!?!?

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Take the $10k tuition credit so you’ll be assessed it as taxable income.

maybe major in something useful instead of some feel-good virtue-signalling lefty ass woke stupid horsecrap


Is churning out workers the sole purpose of college?


A BS/BA is Biology is almost as useless as a BA in Psychology.

very true! it is merely the first degree in whatever field undertaken from there such as premed etc.

it’s typically not even enough to teach biology

Depends on who’s paying for it? If one’s wealthy mom and dad are, I could give two ■■■■■■ If taxpayers are putting money towards ANY higher education it absolutely needs to result in a good paying job!


As many have commented more context is needed to correctly assess this individuals situation.

However, Biology is a degree that generally is a stepping stone to further education in a related field. Its not a subject I would recommend to someone who does not have aspirations about pursuing a career in an area where that knowledge is critical.

What a degree does tell employers is that someone can commit to something for a number of years and can deliver. Is it the be all and end all? Of course not.

An education also expands the mind, develops critical thinking skills, research skills, analysis and interpretation of data. Exposes an individual to new concepts and new ways of thinking.

College is not always the best option for an individual and high schools, parents and society have to start embracing that.

At work I have the opportunity to mentor newly hired individuals and groups who start in entry level positions. We have a significant number of those who just have a high school diploma. I tell them to take advantage of the education opportunities through our employer as they can get a degree at zero cos. I talk about how they are getting the best of all worlds. Valuable work experience, a wage, great benefits and a college education. Sure there is a time commitment outside of work and it might take you a bit longer to graduate but you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

I got my own college education this way. Got my Associates degree and BA in my late 40s. I have colleagues who did it this way and also went on to get their masters degree.


Maybe we could save us taxpayers money by eliminating a year or two of high school. I don’t use algebra, history, or biology in my job so those were unnecessary for me. A plumber or a mechanic doesn’t need to know geography or how to diagram a sentence.


But with those credentials they could convince 6 & 7 year olds they’re girls and not boys and Vice versa?

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I remember working with a guy who had an economics degree at a pizza joint, the dishwasher was an Asian doctor. We all liked beer.

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Biology is a useful degree, but one very probably will have to relocate and most likely needs to continue education at very least to the Masters level to find one’s career job,

Anyone know how to forward this to the young man working at Starbuck?

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Yes, the hard sciences, biology, chemistry, physics, etc., generally require an advanced degree to find good employment right out of college.

He shoulda majored in Civil or Mechanical Engineering where not even a Masters is needed to find a good job as long as one becomes Registered as a PE.


good choice

and the PE may not even be necessary. depends on the company or if contracting etc


Good question.

Or be a Supreme Court Justice…


It helps to be good at what you studied. The article doesn’t touch on the persons standing in the class.
That said, if employment is what you are interested in and you are only marginally qualified for college, I sort of notice there doesn’t seem to be an excess of qualified people in skilled trades such as electricians, plumbers, masons….


Degree holder in the OP should try to follow the Officer Tatum on Instagram. I cannot link this particular video due to foul language, but in it is a young first generation American truck driver who was an average student and is making more money as a long distance truck driver than some of his counterparts with B A & B S degrees.

One of Officer Brandon Tatum’s messages is that like the subject in the link, too many of these grads believe they should start at the top when it doesn’t work that way. “We’ve all got to start somewhere.”

Heck I’ve known medical technology degree holders to start out bagging groceries.


It happens a lot, buct generally only in the short term.
In most economic times the rough hierarchy of pay scale works as follows (lowest to highest):

  • no college degree
  • a college degree in something ridiculously impractical
  • a college degree in a hard science etc.
  • a college degree in something practical

You’re right, UNLESS that individual is spending some time in Career Services looking at possible matches fir that degree, taking résumé writing workshops, setting up mock interviews to learn these skills.

It can be helpful if the student minors in education or has medical or veterinary school aspirations, but strictly the undergrad degree & expectations that it will open many doors?


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