Speechwriter who attended conference with white nationalists in 2016 leaves

Well got damn another bigot is found in the Trump admin

Right. I am surprised they let him go.

From your link. It looks like CNN was being nice to fat donald.

The White House, which asked CNN to hold off on the story for several days last week declined to say when Beattie left the White House.

I mean, the dude hired Steve Bannon to be husband real chief of staff soooooo

cnn still pushing the “trump is neo-nazi racist” bit

boy… how pathetic they are

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So they are lying about the speechwriter?

Right? He’s not a racist, he just hires them, reTweets their posts and generally caters to their affections. Totally different.

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has the speech writer voiced any racist views?

like “abolish blacks?”

Sorry, I don’t recognize the reference. You wouldn’t be deflecting to someone else, would you?

not surprised. how about…


did he ever say that?

So, you are deflecting. Surprise, surprise.

deflecting to what? i just asked if he espoused these views or made such ghastly racist statements. cause if so, man glad hes gone

Did you even read the article?

You seem pronoun confused.

yes i saw no racist views expressed or espoused

wonder what mr beattie said that led cnn to call him a “white nationalist”

cnn robots… marching in step…being good soldiers…,

Your obsession with CNN is remarkable. I don’t even know what channel it is on my cable box.

Maybe you should read the article.