"Speculation " Mueller testifies and says yes

So let’s say Mueller testifies (and mind you barr alrighty stated he could,not that…that should matter) and he says “we feel because of the unique situation and given doj guidelines we couldnt indict the president. If he was a normal citizen we would have”

How fast do things tumble down?

If that happens either Mueller is lying or Barr is lying, since Barr said that Mueller said he would not have indicted except for the DOJ rule against indicting a sitting President.

They won’t, at least not right away. The R’s in the Senate will stand their ground no matter what right now. Barr diluted the Mueller Report enough to give them something to suck on to keep him in office. It’s going to take a lot more between now and 2020.

Republican media will go on the attack even more so.

And what does the rabid left do if Mueller says "As Barr stated, we did not take into account the DOJ guidlines?

Mueller would have indicted trump had he not been president.

Why? I mean the thread is based off the report…literally what’s in the report…

I get it…none of you bothered with it…not even clippings or cliff notes…

I could see a lot of hemming and hawing

Post Mueller report speculation just cannot let go.


Long way to 2020 bruh.

Stellar addition

There wouldn’t have been an investigation had he not been president.

Where did you buy your crystal ball? I want one!


Had I not had sex with my and got her pregnant I wouldn’t be two kids deep…but I am

Hillary probably wouldn’t have fired Comey. However, if she did there probably would have been an investigation from the gop controlled House.

You all seem to have forgotten how many dems wanted Comey fired.

The CEC and Trump supporters would continue to call Mueller a traitor, American hating Democrat.
The CEC and Trump supporters would claim that Mueller is lying and should be jailed for perjury.
Spineless Republicans would clap like seals at whatever Trump tweeted out.
Spineless Republicans would try and change the subject to Hillary Clinton.

That’s all your crystal ball told you? Disappoint… never mind.

Was that the same as loving wikileaks?

That’s not what Barr said. What Barr said was that he and Rosenstein made that conclusion independent of the DoJ guideline. Barr WANTED you to think Mueller said that, but if you read his statement carefully, it was the not Mueller’s conclusion, it was Barr’s with maybe Rosenstein.