Speaker canceled from this years anti-canceling themed CPAC

This is exactly what happened.

Thank you. I may have lost some brain cells reading that.

The “Blacks For Trump” guy was the head of the murderous Yahweh Ben Yahweh cult, and the Trump advance team still kept positioning him prominently at rallies after being told who he was woo…

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To be fair, Yahweh Ben Yahweh was the leader of the Nation of Yahweh cult.

But the Blacks for Trump guy was a member.

is he one of those Black nationalist that think African-American are the real Jews, and that Jew are stealing their heritage and culture and conspired to enslave and then de-stable Africa?

From reading his website - no, he’s not a Black Hebrew Israelite.

He’s got more of an Afro-centric ancient Egpyt thing going.

my mind always goes to either Black Hebrew or Nuwaubian when I see the whole Egyptian outfit.

They’re the ones who had the weird pyramid compound in the middle of nowhere, right?

Who invited him is the question to ask. Possibly a globalist saboteur. Does anyone have that name. Has any news outlet interviewed that person.

Or is the incident just a peg to hang anti-nationalist populist narrative on.

Yep, weird cult shutdown now the leader is in ADX for child molestation.

When I was a little kid, the Black Hebrew Israelites used to carry swords and polearms while they yelled crazy ■■■■ in Times Square.

At some point I think the cops made them stop carrying bladed weapons.

Mike Pence is free to take his slot. I dunno know though these people tried to hang him. I think he’ll be happy with his right wing welfare gig at Heritage and call it a political career.

He has a podcast now, I think.

Is everything a globalist conspiracy theory to you?

CPAC saw a black person with conservatives views and said “we need him”.

All the cool kids are doing it. But yeah he’s a visiting fellow at Herirage now, kind of a Boys Town for Republicans who lose elections.

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Gotta sort through the turds to find the diamonds on the happy road to Q-ville.

Word is, Trump is gonna show up and announce he is the leader of the GOP.

Is every alternative narrative to your sheople-fare automatically labeled a conspiracy theory? Do you know who the person who invited him was? Your theory is as tenuous as mine at this point, since we both don’t know the salient facts and are postulating.

Globalism is ubiquitous and fighting for survival internationally. That’s just a fact.

generally interesting history for these new wave religious “Organization”.

Are you familiar with Hanlon’s Razor?