Speaker canceled from this years anti-canceling themed CPAC

CPAC has cancelled Young Pharaoh’s scheduled appearance following the publication of this article. Young Pharaoh’s information has also been removed from CPAC’s website. The theme of this year’s gathering is “American Uncanceled.”

Guess its time to cancel CPAC.

“The Gang Learns What A Hotep Is, And Cancels Him.”


Can someone tell me how in the wide world of sports a YouTube hotep got invited to CPAC?

Irony at work?


This is slightly too hilarious.

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Yes, yes it is. Any ideas on how to do this? Maybe deprogram them?

Maybe they thought it’d be hip to have a rapper there, they could all wear their MAGA hats sideways and be gangsta. .lol

Why would anyone book someone like that in the first place?

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Is “Hotep” a noun?

That makes no sense. If someone could be deprogrammed then they wouldn’t need to be canceled.

Maybe it’s like challenge flags and you can only deprogram three per conference.

The irony :rofl:

Maybe, With the intent of having him cancelled and creating a negative news narrative. Sabotage? The globalists within.

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I’m not a fan of emote posts but I’m making an exception.

One thing about this guy, he didn’t hide it behind weasel words like “globalist”, came right on out with it’s the Jews.


Yep. It’s a black dude of a particular political persuasion.

They didn’t see past the color of his skin. Clearly :rofl:

I like to think that they just went “ooh a right wing black guy” and did no further research.

I guess they couldn’t land Will Mega.

I looked it up and that wasn’t it at all. Can you point me in the right direction please.