Spam or trolling?

Why are facts that embarrass the left called spam or trolling here on the Hannity site?

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well the left calls anything true something derogatory.

they live in a universe of upside-down reality opposites narrative


I’ve never made fun of 2 + 2 = 4

Silence the truth and project on to others what they are doing seems to be the standard.

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but have you ever insisted that sqrt(-1) = {Re}?

You said the left calls anything true derogatory. I proved you wrong.

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yes or no pls

you want to get mathy…

Did I make fun of something true?

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i never said anything about anyone “making fun” of anything

neither has anyone else. but you.

do you just set up your own arguments and prove them too for effect?

I wasn’t derogatory to something true.

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oh well good! keep that up

You might want to put this in Community forum if you want mods to see it.

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You claimed the left always does. Not true.


no perfectly true

for example. “antifa” is not at all against fascism, but rather all for it

and the LAST thing blm cares about is black lives.

I’m not at all embarrassed by anyone pretending that Barr is going to arrest anyone.

I haven’t been derogatory that gravity exists.

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thats good to hear

do all lives matter?

I was never derogatory to the earth being round.


When the time is right. And it’s not just anyone, but everyone.

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