Spain recalls frigate from US Navy strike group over Gulf tensions

I don’t think Spain wants to be, in any way, shape or form, part of Bolton and Trump’s military actions in the Gulf against Iran. So they’re pulling out right now before Bolton, the guy who just itches for war, and Trump, the guy who loves to threaten, get soldiers killed.

Now, as I posted in another thread, I’m hoping this is simply just Trump threatening as he always does. I hope he’s as using our soldiers to try to make somebody else back down and not really going to invade or bomb anyone.

I’m not exactly sure why he’s not doing this to North Korea too though. They seem more crazy than anybody.

Standard Trump playbook: create problem that didn’t exist, make a lot of noise, have a meeting and declare the problem resolved.


All this stuff is so transparent.

It is a shame that he uses our military the way he does.

Only weak countries need allies. MAGA!

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Where has Trump threatened somebody and troops were killed for it?

Good luck, successors. If you find yourself in harm’s way, kill every ■■■■■■■■■■■■ around you.

Of course not. When was the last time Spain was called on to risk anything? When things get dicey, they get the hell out of town. Iran has been directly or indirectly killing Americans for decades. Including military members. If something goes down in the Gulf, who do you suppose will fire the first shot?

You mean like annihilating ISIS? Was that a shame?

Spanish soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan heart this post. You nailed it.

■■■■ Iran. If I had any confidence in this admin I wouldn’t mind them toppling that garbage regime.