SpaceX gets off to a good start in 2023 with the Transporter 6 mission

SpaceX launched the Transporter 6 mission this morning from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station to polar orbit. Starting around 10:50 am EST, 114 satellites will deploy from this dedicated rideshare mission. The booster successfully returned to LZ-1 at CCSFS.

As a side note, it is funny to watch SpaceX do regularly what NASA would not do for 50 years, launch over Cuba. :smile:

Why couldn’t they launch over Cuba? Was it concerns about inspection of a crash site and recovery?

Debris from a failed launch in 1961 dropped on Cuba, killing a cow and causing other damage. The U.S. compensated Cuba for the damage and for the next 50 years, all polar missions launched exclusively from Vandenberg.


Looks like a successful deploy of all satellites. Quite a menagerie, btw. :smile: