Space Force by 2020!


The Bible doesn’t say He did, so He didn’t. Genesis describes exactly how it happened, so that’s how it happened.


That’s how it happened on earth.

As for what Christ himself said.

New American Standard 1977
“And I have other sheep, which are not of this fold; I must bring them also, and they shall hear My voice; and they shall become one flock with one shepherd.

Which leaves all sorts of possibilities open.


He was talking about Jews and other heathens. The Bible records Creation and it’s infallible. His Dad didn’t create any extraterrestrials.


It would be interesting if god created a whole bunch of other earths and didn’t bother to mention it.


The statement was made as he prepared for ascension.


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Perhaps. We’ve discussed it though many times over the years.


God has us on a “need to know” basis and we don’t need to know ■■■■.


He’s just waiting for us to find each other.


I get your point, but:

  • To do this, you need to invest in a duplicate bureaucracy. Instead of having The space command share the bureaucratic infrastructure of teh AF - as it does now - you will have to have an entire department for a relatively small force.
  • Inventing a new department doesn’t mean we suddenly have more money to spend on everything. All you will be doing is pushing those budget descicions further up the ladder to the pentagon appropriations requests. So instead of the AF choosing between a satiate or a plane, it will be the pentagon.

I’m not adverse to investing in space defense and offense. I’m just pointing out we are already doing it. We don’t need more departments for what is - currently - a very, very small force. Additionally, the air force is where this stuff should be. The difference between space and the upper atmosphere is logistically not significant. The AF is already doing this job. Let them keep doing it.


They have already found us, and they seem to have a probe fetish.


The MC has it’s own command authority and it works just fine even though they depend heavily on the Navy for support.

A smaller separate command would be much easier and cheaper to maintain as a separate service.

We don’t have to cut or add to the overall budget just reallocate the funds being spent on it now through the different services.

Coordination between the services is never easy or efficient and a breakdown in communications at a critical time can cost thousands or millions of lives.


What is MC?

Re:funds. But your earlier point was that by separating space functions the Air Force wouldn’t have to choose between fighter jets and satilites. I don’t see how separating the space functions does anything to solve that issue.

I’m not convinced we need an entire department for what is a relatively small -in terms of man power - function. It strikes me similar to having a separate branch of the military just for long range bombing. It’s just not necessary.

Again, not that the mission isn’t urgent. But the duplicate bearacracy isn’t…


I can’t wait for Netflix’s newly announced TV show based on our awesome new branch of the military


From the dude who created Park and Rec comes another show about government idiots.


So how much money is Fat Donald demanding to build his space wall to keep out illegal aliens from Mars or Venus et al?


It is a very good point,Venus and Mars won’t be sending their best people,it will invariably be rapists,drug dealers and terrorists.
I say build the Space Wall now, the other planets can pay for it.


I’ve still got dibs on the Millennium Falcon.


Ha this has far more potential than Trumps Space Force.


Join the army. Go to space.

If I was younger…