Space Force and their potential

What needs to be done, and is possible is build a 4 to 6 person space ship, that a 747 can fly up 40,000 feet, launch it into orbit, and becomes a gun boat capable of orbital bombardment.

Add on a few rail guns, maybe some air to air missiles. 90% of countries could only watch the destruction and aren’t capable of retaliating. As opposed to sending in helicopters and aircraft which the majority of countries in theory could shoot them down. (Training and competence wise… Likely no)

Russia and China would need to rework defense’s to counter this threat. Imagine if they dropped bushel baskets of ceramic coated golf balls with a hardened uranium core from orbit. What defense would possibly be of any use?

They could send up rockets for resupply missions. And most importantly in space they can hit any target in the world in 30 minutes or less, in theory.

Satellites can be hacked or all kinds of cyber attacks neutralising them.

Eventually with resupply missions it could theoretically reach the moon, and if in trouble land.

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Glorified satellite technicians.

Why does it need people on board? That greatly increases the weight, the requirements for re-supply and safety. A drone would be much less costly.

Yah government spending is now good!!!


That pesky Outer Space Treaty gets in the way of this.

I suppose we should withdraw from it so we can do this because God knows we aren’t spending enough money on ways to kill each other.

Treaties are only good if they’re enforceable.

If the United States had this type of weapon, what is the rest of the world going to do? We’d be unstoppable.

All you need is to toss out a bucket of golf balls from space and China will buckle under our power.

This reminded me of that one stupid movie GI Joe: Retaliation where the bad guy had orbital platforms that simply dropped giant pillars from outer space, and the movie depicted the pillars as falling in a straight line from orbit down onto their target cities.

Oh my God I wanted to scream out at the scientific inaccuracy…:sunglasses:

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We need Orbital Mind Control Lasers.

Makes me also think people have not even seen the most basic documentaries of WWII and the scale of past area bombardment. If you think that is going to win some proverbial WWIiI, you really have no clue.

Shooting a dozen golf balls capable of reentering orbit at a refinery, fuel depot or chemical plant. Yeah… War over…

Drones can be hacked… Today what is your drone, can become the enemies the following day. You’ve probably seen all the technology enemies have due to them hacking the pentagon and spies. China stole the F35 blueprints and began building their knockoff before we even started production.

Get a nice stealth skin on this ship, solid black against the black backdrop of space… Good luck shooting it down. deploy it like an Ohio Class submarine, the Captain receives the orders for 6 months to a year deployment, unless needed aren’t contacted.

This is what is needed when fighting first world countries… Like China and Russia. Iraq and Afghanistan… Are far more primitive, they have no real air force, ICBMS, space programs, massive cyber warfare centers. These wars were fought against their level of technology, but a potential war against Russia and or China wouldnt be walking down streets patrolling neighborhoods. It would be more world war 2 style where if it goes wrong billions will die. Communications will be intercepted and decrypted by both sides. Putting all your eggs in the drone basket is foolish.

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A space force sounds kind of silly and is easy to make fun of, but I fully support it.

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson defended Donald Trump’s Space Force plan to Stephen Colbert during a visit to The Late Show Tuesday.

“Just ’cause it came out of Trump’s mouth doesn’t require that it then be a crazy thing,” Tyson said.

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I was just about to post an old GI Joe intro video.

I advise you read some history books and less science fiction books. You think that is impressive compared to dropping almost a million pounds of explosives on a city in a single night?


Whoever develops this technology first will essentially own space. The United States NEEDS a Space Force to dominate the skies otherwise countries like CHINA will do it first. Can you imagine a world where China is the country that has this technology? Nobody would be safe.

I’m amazed that this hasn’t already been done, considering the obvious advantages this would confer on a country. I hope that Our Host is reading this so that he can pass on the idea to Donald Trump.

Or maybe this program is already in effect and they’re just keeping it a secret for national security reasons. Scary thought.

One of the greatest movies ever and probably at least 20% of the reason I support Trump’s space force.