Southern border sentry option

Yes, I have. Happens every year during mating season.

We are both in the same neck of the woods.

Gators are nothing to joke around about no matter what their size.

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Ever seen the folks water skiing in gator filled waterways?

I have.

I’ve also been kayaking and had water moccasins try to jump into the Kayak.

They are aggressive little turds.

Bottom line is, not matter how funny a moat filled with gators may sound?

It isn’t amusing to me.

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In the Peace River.

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On the day my grandmother, who we’d been taking care of at home, died it just so happened that a water moccasin managed to get in through the kitchen door and eventually hide beneath the refrigerator.

That was some day.

At least our gators aren’t Salties like in Australia.

Don’t worry’ ‘bout the sharks mate, crocs got ‘em.

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