Southern border sentry option

Maybe Florida can donate a bunch of these to Texas to patrol the Rio Grande.

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That SixFoot gator is alright in my book.

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Texas has plenty of gators. Just grab some from Lake O’ The Pines.

Making the Stephen Colbert “fiery moat filled with fireproof alligators” joke but deadly serious. This. Is. Beautiful.

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And if they’re worried about the adolescent gator what would they think of an 8’ example, or even a 10’ monster?

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Here we go


Brett Favre and his gambling problems.

A six footer? That’s barely a big lizard!


Try wrestling one. I rather play with large 11/12 foot bull. :wink:

Not me, but I saw a guy jump on a five footer just to prove he could do it. He wasn’t even drunk, it was at work. No problem lol.

I know a guy that ended up with 80 plus stitches trying to catch 3 and half footer.

They’re fast and all teeth.

You are kidding, right?

Like I said lol, not me. I’ve seen them snap up a catfish so fast you’re not even sure what happened.

Once there they more of less take care of themselves. Low maintenance compared to keeping up overlapping fields of fire.

That’s why you see most gator wrestlers always play with large over feed bulls. They’re slow and lazy but crowd loves it.

Good point

It’s mating season right now in Florida for gators.

They get pretty aggressive.

Lots of stories about them breaking into screened lanais, grabbing dogs, etc.

I wouldn’t recommend playing around with them or not taking them seriously no matter what their size.

They scare the hell out of me. We did an airboat ride in the Everglades a few years ago on vacation it was eye opening the number of them we came up on. No sure why but I don’t think much of sharks when in the ocean I wouldn’t have got off that airboat and into the water if they paid me.

I go kayaking in the Everglades once in a while and you couldn’t pay me enough to jump in that water.

Some pretty good videos make the local news, I’m sure you’ve seen them. :blush:

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