South Carolina pimary appears to have claimed a victim

Buttigieg didn’t do well in teh South Carolina Primary election (suprised no one made a thread on the primary – shows how much interest there is in the Dem trying to select someone I guess).

Buttigieg was scheduled to fly from Selma, Alabama, to Dallas, Texas, but during the flight he informed reporters that he would be flying back to his hometown of South Bend to make an announcement on the future of his campaign.

That announcement, aides said, is that he is ending his run.

Buttigieg made the decision on Sunday, aides said, after he struggled to compete in South Carolina’s primary and had little path toward success on Super Tuesday.

Looks like another one bites the dust.

After Tuesday you Dem’s will probably be down to Sander or Biden

And here are the run-a-way win numbers for Biden in South Carolina . .

Buttigieg just ended his presidency run

damn!!! too soon. too soon


You hadn’t run out of nicknames yet?



why do democrats not like gay people, is the question

i guess it was just too soon

Said from the beginning that South Carolina would be the end of Pete Buttigiegs campaign, and that the minority voters will not vote for a gay candidate.

Sorry to hear it. He was my favorite candidate.


awe you didnt like the proudly gay “Boot Edge Edge” as a candidate?

He didn’t have a path to the nomination at this point.

It’s unfortunate, because he’s a better person than Donald Trump in every respect and would be a vastly better President in every respect as well.


Maybe Democrats weren’t looking at him as gay. But just as a candidate. Who was a bit young and needs more experience.

He will do well in his future.


First they ran all the POC out of the race, and now they chased the alphabet candidate.

For shame.

Aw, you didn’t like an honorable, intelligent and competent person who might have possibly run against your hero in November?


He’s a scumbag turd and we all know it.

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despite how much they made being gay key?

that sort of thing really matters to the left

i dunno…

Did any of them call him buttboi or buttplug or act like little boys if Pete kissed his husband?


if so “honorable, intelligent and competent” why is he dropping out?


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i ‘unno… did they?

should that matter?

Hex made one 8 minutes before you.

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With a better title.