Source: Ayman al-Zawahri dead after US strike

What? I don’t question that he was killed.

You question that US intelligence was able to find him while Trump was President. Why is that so hard to believe?

No I didn’t. Read what I wrote again.

Trump has huge credibility problems right now. If they are going to ask for verification, probably better to ask someone else who was in the administration at the time.

So then why didn’t Trump have him killed?

It gives a little hope that something apparently went right during Bidens destroy America Administration.

Stark difference from the MSM slobbering all over Biden (& Obama) vs the MSM lambasting/criminalizing Trump for taking out ISIS, al-Baghdadi and other top terrorists. The media bias is so blatant it’s disgusting.


democrats make up their own “news” to support their own narrative

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According to the story, Trump was given a list of terrorist and had to select which ones the CIA should concentrate on. This one was not included, others were. Presumably a decision had to be made on whom should be concentrated on and NBC alleges that anonymous people said that Trump said he was not familiar with this persons name so their conclusion is that Trump excluded him because he was not familiar with the name. Highly doubtful that someone there wouldn’t have briefed Trump at the time.

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Good. He was more involved with 9/11 than bin Laden ever was. But at this point it’s like when the Mafia would still kill a guy even after he did twenty years in prison.

You didn’t even try to answer the question. If not the reason given in the article why didn’t Trump have the most wanted terrorist in the world killed?

Who said he was the most wanted terrorist at the time, or that he was more critical than the ones selected to go over? If that were true then Trump wouldn’t have been handed a list to select from, he would have just been told we had to go after this guy. Again, all we know about that meeting was an NBC story about what anonymous people said. I don’t trust anonymous people with agendas, and I certainly don’t trust NBC.
Ps… NBC did not say Trump selected others as a higher priority. That was an interpretation made by Business Insider and appears false.

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The United States did. He’s been the most wanted terrorist since killing Bin Laden

Well except like three weeks ago when it was supposed anonymous Secret Service sources who turned out to be lying, but other than that you’ve been good.

Oops, you weren’t supposed to remember that

And you have no idea what went on at that meeting. You only know what NBC said anonymous people said. And a willingness to believe.

From the article: "The strike, carried out by a CIA-operated Air Force drone, occurred at 6:18 a.m. Sunday local time in Kabul as the al Qaeda leader stood on the balcony of his house,"

We were told that Al Qaeda had been defeated in Afghanistan and what was left was living in caves in the mountains, so how does he have a house in the Captial?



I have no idea what you are talking about. There were specific names mentioned who had direct knowledge of a hearsay allegation and I said the Jan 6 committee needed to put those people on record. Is that what you are going on about?

Does that say he had more priority than the terrorist killed when Trump was President? And remember, we have no evidence that President Trump said not to go after this guy.