Sour grapes for Kamala

Kamala Harris to boycott South Carolina forum. She claims to boycott Trump. I wonder if the low poller is trying to save money? Her story does not sound right. That is my opinion, what is yours?

She’s staying relevant probably eyeing a Vice President slot.

after the organizers honored President Trump on Friday with an award for his work on criminal justice reform.

She’s a loser and just exposing it to the blind among us.

SC should count their blessings in not having to have to put up with her.:+1:

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She’s throwing in the towel. She realizes it’s hopeless to campaign in any state Trump won in 2016. His support has only grown.

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Sour Grapes?

How about Kamala being a woman of principle?

Guess you didn’t even read your own article?

Kamala Harris is still planning to go to South Carolina to speak to folks there, especially to students from Benedict College who were largely EXCLUDED from attending the presidents speech there since the White House controlled who was invited and only 10 tickets out of more than 200 were set aside for actual students of the college.

Kamila was quite explicit on why she would not be gracing the school with her presence although she had been invited to speak. She was most explicit with her reasoning, it has to do with how strongly she feels that Obese Donald receiving that award for his small role in passing criminal justice reform legislation marginalizes his decades and decades of marginalizing blacks and for behavior like his still unapologetic stance for demanding execution for 5 innocent young black men in New York.

Kamala Harris is boycotting speaking at the school, for all intents and purposes it appears she is doing that for good cause.

The college has over 2100 students yet only 10 tickets were allowed, by invitation, for the event for select students.

Instead Trump invited over 200 presidential sycophants, toadies, and minions who were brought in from all over, to attend the event.

What did Obese Donald fear from the student body there?

You really should have thought this one out before making the thread!



When were you appointed as her official spokesperson? When and where was it announced?


Kamala is a still going to Columbia South Carolina, to speak to speak to Benedict College students and South Carolina citizens, it is in the OP article.


Woman of principle is a good one. I needed a good laugh. :rofl:


Amazing! Her invitation to speak at the College Forum over this weekend was never a “campaign” event.

Also, as I mentioned in this thread twice already, Kamala still plans to go to Columbia South Carolina this weekend to an open venue to speak to Benedict College students and Columbia citizens.

It was in the OP article.

Kamala…Kamala…who’s Kamala? Isn’t that some type of bear?


Oh wait…that’s a koala. Sorry to the koala for my mistake. :sunglasses:



Oh…the irony. :sunglasses:

If you think her a woman of principle just google Kamala Harris and Willie Brown. :sunglasses:

Yes you did owe that koala a profound apology. :grin:

One more lesson that OP’s REALLY SHOULD read their own source material before posting!



Three Blind Mice, indeed!


I’ve often wondered if Kamala Harris is related to “Kamala the Great”, the famous wrestler.
Kamala isn’t exactly a household name.
If not related, she could have been named after him.

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Actually, few folks know this, but that is Kamala Harris, who wrestles as a pudgy painted man in her spare time!

Seems strange that folks who have been blasting Trump principles since he came down the golden escalator to suddenly say Kamala is a woman of principle.

Guess the D changes everything.