Sounds like US is pulling out of Iraq

U.S.-led coalition says it will withdraw from Iraq.

“Sir, in deference to the sovereignty of the Republic of Iraq, and as requested by the Iraqi Parliament and the Prime Minister, CJTF-OIR will be repositioning forces over the course of the coming days and weeks to prepare for onward movement,” read a letter from United States Marine Corps Brigadier General William H. Seely III, the commanding general of Task Force Iraq.

It’s what we all wanted…right?

Not only we are pulling out…we got to kill the guy that was responsible for hundreds of American soldiers deaths and thousand more injured/wounded.

Oh and I want to thank @GrandWazoo for bringing this to my attention.

I would be happy to see it.

I would be happier if we also pulled out of everywhere else we are, including Afghanistan, Syria, etc.


Uh oh.

“We’ve spent a lot of money in Iraq,” Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One as he returned to Washington after spending the holidays at his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago. “We have a very extraordinarily expensive air base that’s there. It cost billions of dollars to build. … We’re not leaving unless they pay us back for it.”

The president added that if Iraqi officials try to kick the United States out the country it would not leave on a “very friendly basis.” The U.S. invasion of Iraq took place in 2003.

“We will charge them sanctions like they’ve never seen before ever,” Trump said. “It’ll make Iranian sanctions look somewhat tame.”

Ok, so are we leaving Iraq or not? Sounds like Trump doesn’t plan to leave without a fight.

After Trump already says that he doesn’t want to leave and if you make us you will see the greatest of all sanctions?

This admin needs to make up their minds


It sounds like he wants to re-bomb the country on the way out:

That’s not want is happening, Safiel. Trump* is ramping up military in the ME.

So we should ignore and reinvade Iraq?

Do you also favor the same US pullout from S. Korea, the Philippines and Japan?

They have no strategy. Trump* doesn’t know the difference between Iran, Iraq, or Afghanistan.

That’s why we have all this goofballery.

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Yes I do.

Curious. Does Iraq really want to have US troops gone while they have a border to defend with Iran? I’m not sure what the current status is. but is that something they would want?

Yeah I didn’t say that so stop making things up.

Literally yesterday:

LOL this thread is going perfectly the way I thought it would go…too funny.

It’s doesn’t matter what they want… Trump took the pacifier out of his mouth long enough to speak for them on this issue.

Trump has a history of doing things against other people’s will, so no surprise.

When do the sanctions start?

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That’s what I mean. Trump* literally has no strategy. It’s daily goofballery. Sometime later tonight he’ll tweet that we aren’t leaving Iraq.



That your OP has already been contradicted by Trump? He doesn’t want to go and is willing to put heavy sanctions on them if they continue down this oath of removal.

Peace in our time.