Sorry Obama, But It's Trump's Economic Boom, Not Yours

Real Estate is often the art of leveraging debt. I am surprised that any one thought that a man who made his money leveraging debt wouldn’t rack up a huge deficit.

I got a tax cut and I’ve never donated a penny to any political party.

The economic boom is the American business cycles economic boom, not Trump’s, not Obama’s. The same will hold for the next downturn.


If Hillary was elected I’m sure we’d be in another recession. Thank God for Trump.

We’d be at war.


From Politifact:

"President Obama put more debt on this country than any president in the history of our country combined."

More debt did accumulate under Obama than all of his predecessors combined, though the biggest reasons for the increase predated Obama.

According to Treasury Department data, Obama entered office with $6.3 trillion in public debt. By the time he left office on Jan. 20, 2017, the public debt had risen to $14.4 trillion — an increase of $8.1 trillion.

Much of the debt increase stems from spending programs like Social Security and Medicare, which are effectively on autopilot and are now paying for a rising number of aging Americans.

If Trump serves eight years, it will eventually be his time in the barrel: Unless and until the United States reverses course and starts paying down the debt, every new president is expected to preside over ever-larger amounts of debt.

Public debt during Trump’s Presidency has increased from $14.403 trillion to $17.072 trillion. Link

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I’m not talking about you. Just because you happen to agree with their donors doesn’t mean they did it for you.

My taxes went up and the only party I ever donated to is the the Republicans.

Well he certainly didn’t predict that the GOP with Trump would do $1trillion deficits to stimulate the economy

You got a tax cut too.

No they didn’t.

Parents lost the exemption for their kids. Most of those parents saw their taxes go up.

That’s not a tax increase.

wait they got rid of child tax credit? if they did this in Canada they would be never get elected again.

And you know that how?

Because everybody got a tax cut.

Haha, that’s funny. My tax cut was not enough to make up for my lost deductions.

I couldn’t pull that off; but look at you!

Well that’s too bad Bob. Maybe you should vote for state reps who would lower your state taxes.