Sorry not good enough, FISA must disband

House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Doug Collins, R-Ga., spoke about the push to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) on Sunday Morning Futures saying, “We need to restore the American people’s trust in it.”

o matter what reforms they do they will still find a way to circumvent it…specially if those that have abused the system are allowed to walk free.

Until those that have abused the system are hold accountable cut it off all together. They have become bigger threat to our country that what FISA was suppose to protect us from.

No reform…


Yep. Time to go.


Back in 2008 and earlier when I made posts like, this forum “liberals” were all in agreement with me…now there is silence.

Why is that?

Because it’s you.

Again, I apologize.

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I care what Doug Collins is whining about on Republican Media this much



Libs have become to go now too. It certainly seems like libs hate America and pray to their lib nature gods for it’s downfall. Libs is a disease, Trumpism are the cure.

What say you, libs?

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It was cool until it was used to expose Trump.

Guess it isn’t Patriotic anymore…

The only way to restore confidence would be to repeal it, gut it completely, fire and prosecute those who abused it and then maybe sit down and figure out a way to rebuild it from scratch.

Both Levin and Dershowitz have at different times promoted the idea of having an advocate office created with the specific purpose of challenging the warrant requests and thus forcing a review of each case before the court before such warrants are granted.


I’m with you. By all means, I’m 100% on board with FISA being repealed.

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Prosecute for what?

Why do we need to “rebuild” it all?

This is a decent idea. Although not enough.

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I dunno maybe for lying and failing to disclose exculpatory material to the court?

I think on some level in the WOT there is a justification for having a process not open to the public for issuing surveillance warrants and arguably for organized crime cases as well.

There absolutely however need to be very stringent controls on it and some sort of third party advocate to prevent it from being abused.

“I support spying on Americans, as long as those Americans aren’t on my side”

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I support making it as difficult as we can on the terrorists and organized crime while preserving as much freedom as possible.

I 1000% agree.

See: Horowitz Report

I think you can get 100% consensus on this. Congrats!!! :elephant: :us:

That’s why the left doesn’t want it disbanded anymore.

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I’ve agreed with you on this, but with a caveat. There needs to be a replacement system. I can’t imagine what that would be, can you?

The nature of the work done by FISA isn’t going to disappear just because we disband it.

I agree.

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