Sometimes your kids make you proud

But you just can’t tell them :smiley:

So one of my daughters who is very liberal (as in stood in line in the summer heat for 3 hours just to meet Bernie Sanders during the presidential election).

In January she was in a regional college competition in her chosen subject. Nearly all the student compete in one category. My over-achiever entered two categories. She told me at the time she got first place (gets to go to the national competition this summer back East) and took second in the other she entered.

Talking to her today, she learned that she outscored the “winner” in the second category, but they won’t let a person win two categories at the competition.

So my liberal daughter tells me: If I was the best in both, I should have one first in both.

Brought a smile to my face that my liberal daughter has some conservative thoughts. But I was a good dad and didn’t say a word to her about right or wrong . . . just said “oh that sucks.”

Congrats to your daughter!

Outscoring the other person yet not being allowed to claim victory because it would make the losers feel bad?

Kind of reminds one of Trump’s electoral victory, no?

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Are you going to report them? If you know they are liberals pushing this nonsense, please do something about it!

ummm wrong thread?

Thank you

Apparently so. Wouldn’t look right to some who didn’t win that one person got two trophies

Nope. Popular vote doesn’t mean a thing in presidential elections. Constitution says the winner of the vote of the electoral college vote is the winner. And Trump had a higher score them Hillary. She lost get over it (isn’t that what many liberals keep saing over in the politics forum – look at the title, this is outside the beltway material) :smile:

Congrats to your daughter, but I’m not really seeing the politics in the same way. They had rules. She won in two categories, but the rules say she can only win in one. And, by the way, liberals would abide by those rules, too.

Good for her and congratulations, Papa!

In my world, they would only let you enter 1 category is that’s all you can win. Imagine the student who “won” getting a copy of the score sheet in the mail and realizing you weren’t really the best but got a “participation” trophy.

Thank you.

Now for my frowny face :frowning: Looks like the next three years of her life will be at a University in California.

But another :slight_smile: smiley face . . . this summer after helping teach a class, she has now realized she doesn’t like teaching and wants to actually go into the field she is studying in. Couple companies at the regional competition gave her cards and said whe your three years of graduate work is done, give us a call.

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I get that, but the rule that you can only win in one category … maybe they shouldn’t allow entering in a second category (better option) or giving the double winner a choice of which one to choose.

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Still looks good on her resume for college, and in her portfolio she has the “2nd place” award certificate followed by the scoring sheet that shows she scored higher than the “1st place” winner.

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Congratulations on your daughter! She has a bright future. You’re going to love watching her journey. Sometimes life itself can heal liberals. This is a lesson. She is on the road to healing.

That is very true. And it’s very good to be proud of that.

Congratulations to your daughter! You should be very proud.

TBS, I don’t see how this has anything to do liberal/conservative anything. That you bring that into the outcome vis a vis your daughter accomplishments says more about you than the contest organizers.

You could have simply posted your daughters accomplishments ( we all like to brag about our kids) and gotten the kudos from us she deserves - instead of tainting it with political bs.