Sometimes, you just win the judicial lottery

of course you’re not. all you need to deny the truth of it is plausible deniability, otherwise known as willfully dishonest

You are going off gut feeling. You want to call my position that there are zero stats presented either way as willfully dishonest you go for it. Don’t mind the laughter though. I know i know you don’t give a cuss what i laugh at you just know you are right!

Seifreid has been found guilty

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Very interesting.

I wonder what changed McFadden’s mind regarding the obstruction charge.

Up to this point, he has acquitted other defendants on obstruction.

That Confederate Flag he carried evidently did not help Seefried.

In any event, I am glad to see my fears were not fully justified in this instance. Though I will continue to keep track of McFadden’s verdicts.

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the entire world knows i’m right, along with every prosecutor who’s ever served in the circuit. but you go right ahead and pretend to believe it ain’t true. we know, you know, the world knows, it is true.

I didn’t say i didn’t believe it ain’t true. All i said was that there has been zero evidence offered either way.

which is nothing but a cop out… plausible deniability. otherwise known as willful dishonesty. no different than a lie of omission.

Right. Present some evidence of your gut feelings or just call them gut feelings. I presented an example. The city of New York. It contains two federal districts neither of which haas any issues prosecuting, forcing plea agreement or convicting dems.

So your accusations are nothing but. But the blustering is glorious.

lol, nyc ain’t dc.

in nyc they know their politicians are corrupt, and know whatever they do to them (they’d probably like to burn them at the stake), the next one won’t be any different. so they don’t gain or lose anything prosecuting them, its sport.

dc is dc, the politicians they’re prosecuting ain’t theirs, they’re somebody elses and its all about the politics.

First of all Sussman wasn’t a politician. He was an operative. So while your premise is interesting. It falls apart

Second your argument is what. Defend dems at all cost? Fed prosecutors for the ny districts prosecute operatives too.

Look I’ll be honest the reason why i keep asking for evidence isn’t because i think you are way off, it’s that los Politicians even federal ones usually commit crimes wherein they are prosecuted in their own districts so my point is while you certainly could be right the data is missing.

a political operative

you seem to have left a word out… lies of omission

try reading it again, this time put some effort into understanding what you read

I understood what you read political operatives aren’t politicians. They are a separate entity. Anyway i gave you my reasons for my position. Your fervent blustering remains irrelevant

when’s the last time a fed prosecutor in the district bought any charges against a member of any democrat administration?

Operatives aren’t members of the administration

World socialist website lol. Sorry for the source :joy:

a bitter feud between two democrats… he ■■■■■■ the mayor, he pays the price. i guess you missed this though

A biter feud or not it resulted in prosecution. You can keep rationalizing or say that all you have is assumptions…. But i know you won’t though. So it’s okie.