Sometimes, you just win the judicial lottery

Kevin Seefried and his son Hunter had the good luck of drawing United States District Judge Trevor McFadden.

Their bench trial began today. Emphasis on “bench” trial.

When every January 6th defendant is waving a jury trial and opting for a bench trial when before Judge McFadden, you get the distinct impression that they are very confident in getting a favorable verdict and sentence.

Unfortunately, there is no way for the prosecution to compel a jury trial if the defendant waives his right to it.

The bright side is that there are a total of 15 active service judges, plus 7 additional senior judges hearing cases in the District of Columbia, so the vast majority of January 6th defendants will not draw the “get out of jail free card” of Judge McFadden.

“medieval times”

What a moron. :rofl:


He meant the restaurant. :thinking::grin:

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The last two years + of crazed lying politicians who hate America and prefer war and damnations for all.

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Many are receiving the exact opposite of winning the lottery. What are your chances of receiving anything like a fair trial when you are a pro Trump defendant and the jury base is 92% for Biden?


Seems to me that the OP has a bit of a left wing bias going here.

…you know what a bench trial is, right?

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Yes. Which would mean you basically are forced into a guilty plea or trial by judge since you have practically lost your right to a jury trial. Still not equitable.
Aren’t we supposed to be concerned about equity? Seems like Democrats would have a “privilege” of more, better options.


All by design.

Orange man and cheap gas…BAD BAD BAD.

In the security footage, Goodman identified Kevin Seefried by his tan vest and Confederate flag he carried through the Capitol. “He was very angry. Screaming. Talking loudly,” Goodman said. “Complete opposite of pleasant.”

^^^^^^^^^^^ an example of Pelosi’s “most violent insurrection in our nation’s history” ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Does the Deep State have a secret “Confederate Camp” to train doofuses to make normal MAGA people look like loons?


correction. pro trump criminal.


Just remember who set this bar for criminalizing protest when Republicans are back in charge.

so you don’t agree with the judge and consider “unfortunate” the defendants get a fair trial.

You can’t forced because the defendant chooses a bench trial or a jury trial.

there is no opportunity for any one of these defendants to get a fair and impartial jury in dc; hence, they aren’t even trying. opting instead for judge lottery which even with 15-1 odds against is better odds than they get with a dc jury.

I am not getting into fair trials in dc because there has been zero statistics offered by either side of the argument. I am not even sure they exist.

That being said yes bench trials are often better gambles when the judges politics are known. That’s why i like getting a random judge.

They just run their filthy mouths and it is set in rhetorical stone.

Brandon set the standard with his FINE PEOPLE lie

Oh my stars, he was talking LOUDLY!


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They agreed to it. Chose it.