Sometimes the wheels of justice turn VERY slowly (break out the WD-40)

Supreme Court order list for August 23.

Nothing of interest on the main part of the order list, two attorney disciplines at the bottom. It was Maurice Rudolph Franks that proved to be very interesting and very disturbing.

He was an attorney in Colorado until 1987, when he converted his clients funds to his own use and went to Ireland. He was ultimately disbarred in Colorado in 1990. It is also relevant to note that he had a lengthy disciplinary history in Colorado prior to 1987.

However, he returned and began practicing in Louisiana. It took literally until 2019 for his past to catch up with him, with the Supreme Court of Louisiana reciprocally disbarring him, as well as the Eastern District of Louisiana (United States).

Yesterday the United States Supreme Court suspended him from practice and will disbar him at the expiration of the 40 day response period.

I find it very disturbing that Franks has been able to practice law for fully 29 years after being disbarred in Colorado.

This country needs a central database of attorney discipline and a system that if you are disbarred in one, you are automatically disbarred in all.

This should be a rule for cops too.

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Maybe he can come to Florida & do lunch with my former classmate, disbarred attorney extraordinaire, Iric:

I don’t think law is the only field where a professional with revoked license in one state can set up shop in another.

Although I do agree about a need for a centralized database so that an attorney disbarred in, say, Florida, can’t set up shop somewhere else.

Here’s more of Iric:

And in the more egregious cases, teachers. In my hometown they have gotten rid of quite a number of teachers over the last forty years, (probably less than one a year being outright fired, but it adds up) some of which should not be around kids at all and they just end up in a different city or state. This has been confirmed to me more than once.

All public officials then.

Not to mention priests. :wink:

Alrighty then.

Okay. :slight_smile: