Something to do when the pressure of politics make your blood pressure rise

Hey, step away sometimes and smell the roses, catch the sunrise, enjoy the fresh breeze, gaze at the moonlit night sky. Here is something to think about when the pressures of politics starts to ruin your day. Look up at the moon every night—not just during the lunar eclipse via @qz

Peace, Bos’un

Get on back to the commune, ya damn hippie!

Hey I was not the one who peed in your cereal bowl. :smile:


Zen Master to demonstrate the endless possibilities presented by common shapes and everyday things, whether the typical moon in the sky or a bowl in your kitchen cabinet. “A circle is whole yet empty, without beginning or end. So is the universe, in the Buddhist view…"

I don’t let politics, especially national politics, concern me to the point of raising my blood pressure, may as well get mad at the weather, you have just as much control over it as an individual does on national politics, unless you are very rich or hold elected national office.

It always amuses me how invested people here are in changing my mind about politics, like I make any appreciable difference on that scale.

Z I like you just the way you are