Something really weird could be happening


Is irony lost on you guys? What do you think happened from 2010 to 2016? Why do you think Democrats are so incredibly frustrated with your childlike behavior?


However it is you get you daily fix of victimhood on, I say go for it. It’s your pitty party…cry if you want to.


I could endorse it if he resigns and moves to NK to live with his doppleganger.


You mean the years shrinking deficits that were tossed into the nearest dumpster because Donnie and the Republicans thought rich people needed even more money?


It seems that the dems are wanting to go after corporations again. Trump re-regulated and cut taxes. The dems want to re-regulate and re-tax. Destroying everything that created the boom. These people are clueless.


I don’t see any link in this thread titled "Better Deal for America”


The boom for who exactly?




So they can blame the left for 2020…


Congratulations. Your internet bravado is stunning. Like poking a bear in a cage. Zero courage. Totally gutless. You would never speak to me like this to my face. NEVER. If you want to speak to me as if I am an actual human being you may. Otherwise you are banned form communicating with me during this thread. Have a great day!


These OPs are so lazy. The democrats are out there laying out quite specific policies. If anything it’s the Republicans who are in no way serious.


Tough guy. :laughing:


So just gonna repeat the same line over and over again huh…I guess that’s productive…

By all means guns…let’s see this evidence of victimization you say I’m doing…

Go on now


Its easier to whine.


Honestly, both parties should be pushing legislation that would prevent any American from winning political office who is in major debt to foreign entities. That’s a major flaw in our system that can be exploited by foreign governments. It’s easier that flying our planes into our buildings and accomplishes way more.


I beg to differ. I did get one of the answers that I was looking for. The dems plan to re-tax and re-regulate business. How in God’s name do they think that will improve things is beyond me. They want to fix what doesn’t need fixing.


Nancy wants her “crumbs” back.

The dems want to increase taxes on personal and corporate earnings. You know they want to reverse everything Trump has done, from his canceling of harmful EPA and other federal regs, to tax laws, treaties, you name it.


Poor things, always getting blamed. If those mean old Republicans aren’t oppressing them, their blaming them for something.


Maybe because that returns to the trend of decreasing deficits.And decreasing debt.

Treasury is borrowing more every day than at any time in history. That was going down before Donnie. Now it goes up every month and there is nothing on the horizon reversing that. Under full employment.


That’s not being a victim…that’s expressing a strategy…

You arent very good at this…I’ll give you on more shot…