Something different what is your favorite looking state and country flags

Impossible to read those words without hearing the tune.

Mine too. :wink:

I like the Australian and New Zealand flags for the same reason. Simple and unmistakable. (Well, that’s not entirely true … NZ’s flag is commonly mistaken for the Australian flag. :wink: )

It seems the Alaskan flag is definitely a top pick here and to think a 13 year old designed it JayJay said. Yes the Australian flag as well as the New Zealand flag are eerily similar but they both have my favorite flag to the side of each the Union Jack :slight_smile:

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Favorite state flag is Texas.


Favorite international flag is Mozambique. It has a Kalashnikov rifle on it, which happens to be my favorite military small arm.

Never seen the Mozambique flag before interesting and fitting with the AK on it :slight_smile:

A photo of two eagles nesting on sajuaro cactus reminded me of this legend:

I like Mexican flag :mexico: &, if I get the opportunity, would love to see Mexico, in part to see the pyramids.

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