Something different what is your favorite looking state and country flags

Have been getting bored on politics over the past week. Was interested in your opinions on flags :slight_smile: What is your favorite and runner up country as well as U.S. state flags. Only rule most be a current flag :slight_smile:

My favorite flag from another country is the union flag of Great Britain I just love the design.

My runner up is Albania’s flag it has a certain Hogwarts appeal to it.


As for state flags I unfortunately feel like our designers dropped the ball, they are just a few I like.

My favorite is the Alaskan Flag, kinda has an EU vibe to it but I personally like it better.


Second place I kind of like the commonwealth of Kentucky’s flag.

What’s your favorites?

Faroe Islands :faroe_islands:
Iceland :iceland:
Nepal :nepal:

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Nice picks looks like another person who admires simplicity in the flag design like me :slight_smile: I like the Iceland flag as well it is in my top five

Any U.S. state flags you like? Thanks for responding to the post :+1:

I like Albania :albania: for that two headed eagle. That’s a cool symbol.

Tied for first is Romania :romania:. I love the colors together.

Big fan of Romanian women’s gymnastics, too. My favorite is Aurelia Dobre from Bucharest.

As for state flags, I’ve always liked the Lone Star state flag.


I like Albania as well interesting pick Romania traditional three line design like France, Russia and more although I do like the colors better in Romania’s flag.


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Alaska’s flag was designed by 13 year old Benny Benson.

I remember learning about that in school.

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Arizona and New Mexico - bold colors, simple designs.


Well I’m being biased… LOL

When my uncle left the United States (he’s Jamaican also) he moved to Wales where he spent the rest of his life. I never seen the flag before until I visited him back in 2000. I thought it was pretty cool.

My home state has the ugliest flag in the country…prove me wrong. LOL

Well, I actually think the Maryland state flag is the coolest. And I have a tattoo of that Welsh dragon. At that time many years ago I had no idea it was on a national flag. I just thought it looked cool and should be on my body forever.

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Wow that’s my favorite US. flag and by a 13 year old never the less.

I like the first two especially the second that is Wales?

Heh-heh, my state flag has nudity!

Yes…it really is a pretty cool flag.


Ya that is nice so is the Jamaican flag

I love the state, the flag sometimes to me at lest looks better at different times I have seen different representations of it. :man_shrugging:

Eight stars of gold on a field of blue.

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