Someone sent Soros a bomb

Law enforcement officials responded to an incident at the home of liberal billionaire George Soros on Monday evening, an officer with the Bedford, New York, police department told HuffPost.

A Soros employee opened a package containing an explosive device and called police Monday afternoon, prompting bomb squad technicians to come detonate it, The New York Times reported.

Soros has been a frequent target of conspiracy theories and fear-mongering by hyper-nationalist conservatives in the U.S. and Europe, who often rely on anti-Semitic tropes when they characterize him as a shadowy figure encouraging mass migration and torpedoing traditional Christian culture. President Donald Trump has personally attacked him as well.

So, Trump lies about Soros, right wing media demonizes him, makes false accusations, slanders him…and now someone is trying to murder him.

Nice work team…

First…there’s already a thread on this. Second…what lie? Do you not believe that Soros has injected millions into swaying global politics? You’re right…he’s donated billions.

Oh crap. I looked too…sorry…we should delete this one.

Huh. I still don’t see it.

It got locked I think…and you know…I’m amazed it took this long…but most likely it was soros you did this…because soros

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Last one got deleted for some reason.

What are your thoughts on the actual topic of the thread and story about the bomb?

Did the angry lib mob send Soros a bomb?

Oh, wait, wait. It was some random person with no party affiliation who did this. Someone mentally unstable. No Republican would ever DARE do something terrible to another person.

It’s wrong…period. Find the perp and prosecute em.

Trump claimed soros paid the kananaugh protestors. Then he claimed Soros stiffed them.

Both are utter lies.

I don’t know why people are pissed off. Money is speech.

At least one of the women who cornered Arizona senator Jeff Flake in an elevator last Friday, screaming in his face for several excruciating minutes, works for the Soros-funded Center for Popular Democracy, the left-wing organization spearheading the effort to stop Kavanaugh.

Ana Maria Archila and 23-year-old Maria Gallagher are the two women who confronted Flake in the elevator.

Do you think maybe this is what Trump was speaking about?

part of the mob payback is a bitch



The demonization of George Soros is probably one of the most successful hit jobs in modern history. Dude is a wealthy old jewish guy who donates to liberal causes, and the entire Republican party is convinced he’s a cross between Satan and Emperor Palpatine.

It’d be hilarious if it weren’t so utterly terrifying.


Europe disagrees with your uninformed opinion but millions of refugees are cheering you on.


Is that what “Europe” believes?

Oh please do inform me. You’ve shown such startling clear knowledge of “Europe’s” opinions before and I’m sure you have plenty of data to back up any thing you’re about to say that doesn’t come from whackadoodle sources.

And your refugee thing is of course, total bullpocky:

Par for the frikken course.

I agree. You don’t even know the difference in continents. Damn…

Right now in Europe, the EU is attempting to force Hungary and Italy into having open borders. The people of these countries have rejected this and have elected a government that represents their wishes. England is attempting to leave the EU also.

Here is the Foreign Minister of Hungary who will explain it to you.

And this has what to do with Soros?

Oh, nothing except the same dumb conspiracy theories?

All right then.