Someone please tell me - how is a wall going to deter this

So, according to the article below, smugglers are using ultralight aircraft to get illegal immigrants into the US now. This ties directly into one of my arguments against the wall as an overly simplistic solution to a complex problem. Namely, the wall isn’t going to one damn thing to stop someone from flying right over the wall and bringing in illegal immigrants.

So, could someone - anyone - please tell me how a wall stops this?

I bet DARPA could deploy some drones for this. :rocket:

The wall just got 10 ft higher.


The wall is 10th century technology. A complete waste of money.


Dems don’t want border security…any excuse for open borders and Globalism…

You think criminals are going to be deterred by a wall lib?

Illegal immigrants are criminals and they will find a way to do illegal things despite your laws and security

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$25B for a concrete wall, or “fence”, or steel slats is dumb too. Give a few $B to Boston Dynamics and they could secure the border as improvements are available. :dog2:

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So, what does that have to do with the fact that they can use these ultralights to fly right over a wall, thus demonstrating the wall will not secure the border?

Trumpists think illegal immigrants will follow no immigration zones Hahaha

Yes, I think this would be one solution that would be smarter.

My opposition to the wall is because any wall can be breached. Walls we have already at the border are constantly being tunneled under. And climbed over. Or flown over. And a wall does nothing about visa abuse, or flotillas or 100 other vectors of entry.

I want our border security to be conducted by making it impossible for illegals to function financially in this nation. E-verify not only for jobs, but for housing, education, government benefits, medical services (other than the most basic of emergency services), etc.

Cross the river and the desert if you want, but you’re not going to be able to function once you get here.

The one thing my approach cannot answer, though, is how to address the criminal element that can cross to this side of the river. (That ARE doing so today.)


So, lets give up on enforcing the law?.. People evade the income tax all the time, should we stop enforcing that law too?

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You know why it took the Greeks 10 years to break into Troy? A big wall…

Dead on. Most Illegal immigrants come here for one reason only and that’s to get a job.

Criminals will be criminals lib

Just think how much faster if they could have done it if they had airplanes - or even these lightweight aircraft.

other countries are using TECHNOLOGY to undermine us. we’re so stupid we’re gonna build a mud fence instead of using TECHNOLOGY to achieve greater border security.

all because one dude is insecure and needs a victory of any kind regardless if it makes sense or may cost us $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

he’s an idiot.

My position on the immigration issue is actually pretty close to yours. It needs to be a multi - pronged approach (such as you are suggesting) in order to be effective.

The wall is nothing more than a symbol. I highly doubt any of the wall supporters have faith in its physical effectiveness. All that matters is a huge sign on the country’s back door that says “Stay Out”.

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