SOME SOCIALIST: Ocasio-Cortez Charging $500-$2,700 for Fundraising Tickets | Sean Hannity

Socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raised eyebrows throughout liberal circles this week; charging upwards of $2,700 for fundraising tickets to her packed event in San Francisco.

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Socialist superstar Alexandria Occasional-Cortez has already sold out to the fat cats and she hasn’t even been installed yet.

Now…the diff is when conservatives learn (you know…with proof for sure) that one of our guys is a sell out we call him out. Whereas when the slobbering slavish left learns one of theirs has sold 'em down the river…sent 'em back across the Mason-Dixon with a sign hanging around their scruffy necks (I WANT TO BE YOUR SLAVE) well then, they cheer and hoot!

Up with -Cortez!