Some questions for the moderator team


Hopefully this thread will last longer than previous attempts.

  1. Why does the community feedback forum exist when pretty much all feedback is either ignored, deleted, or closed without anything resembling a real response?

  2. Do you believe current moderator policies, where large swaths of threads are routinely deleted without any real feedback, are negatively affecting discussions on this forum?

  3. Why has the level of communication between average posters and the moderator team become so poor since we moved over to this new forum?

  4. Do you understand that these issues are real, felt by posters across the political spectrum here, and making this a worse place to visit?


If warranted a respons is given and the thread closed. If a new one is opened asking the same question it’s deleted or closed. We don’t have a talk to the moderator forum anymore because it just causes a lot of problems.

If it’s an extreme violation, the person is given notice as to why. if it’s minor like trolling or that, it’s just deleted.

The old software (that was no longer supported and no new upgrades) allowed us to put a reason for post/thread deletion. That’s not an option in the new software. The time it would take to PM each person to let them know why a post was delted is NOT an option. This software also lets us delete all posts of a violation in a single action – and a LOT of posts are delete with that option (my person record was one where 200+ posts were deleted when a violation (with a sanction) was deleted.

Over the years the moderation has been like a pendulem. Swinging back and forth between lenient and stricter enforcement. Right now it’s swinging back to the stricter enforcement to get people to be more civil/stop trolling and the like. Once that is accomplished it will start to swing back toward the more lenient enforcement.

Right now that are a lot of people on time outs. Hopefully they will learn from it.

No further dicussion is needed. As it is NOT a talk to the moderator forum.

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