Some of Oregon wants to move to Idaho

Unsure why if people don’t like Oregon. They don’t move to Idaho.

No one is stopping them from moving to another state.

This would be akin to El Paso wanting to move to New Mexico because Texas is red and El Paso is blue.

Bad idea.


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It’s only a bad idea to you because it’s less Progressive Democrat House seats.


And if El Paso left Texas it would take a congressional seat away from Texas and give it to New Mexico. One less electoral vote,for Texas.

See how that works.



There long been a separatist faction that wants to combine parts of Oregon with parts of N. California and Idaho since the 1800’s.

Half of the population in those freedom living, self reliant counties work for the government. Not much in the way of job opportunity in SE Oregon.

Malhuer county is the poorest in Oregon.


VETO! Idaho is already oddly shaped enough!



I would actually be okay with that. I think CA is too big as it is, and there is too many cons/R’s there that don’t have representation that reflects their values and beliefs

Do it. Then Austin Texas can secede to California.

They like where they live. They just don’t like being dictated to by the I5 Liberals.


I expect Texans would welcome that. :wink:


They like their county. They don’t like being run by the city.

Not that hard to figure out.


Wonder why.

They get propped up quite a bit by Uncle Sugar. There is ■■■■ all going on out there.

That’s my old neighborhood…I m surprised it’s only 5 counties. Personally I wish eastern and southern oregon and Eastern Washington and Northern California would form a new state…it’s already got a name … the state of Jefferson idea has been around for decades. Get a couple more Republican senate seats to offset the District of Columbia.

Those people in eastern oregon have built lives and those lives are constantly being messed with by leftist idiots like governor Kate Brown and the Portland salem elite. Idaho far more represents the values of Eastern Oregonians than the kook fringe keep Portland weird crowd. Malheur county is actually in the mtn time zone it’s more aligned with Idaho than the rest of oregon in many ways.


Exactly. Kate Brown’s name is a dirty word outside of western oregon. In particular outside of the willamette valley.

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So outside of where people are.


Ants don’t dictate to free men.

Houston - population 2.2M
Harris County - 4.5M

Guess who makes the rules.

Same in Dallas, San Antone

The only people who like city people are other city people.


Those free men need to get non government jobs.

The government fenced off their water. What percentage of the land in that county does the government control?

Even with subsidized Forest Service leases, their product just isn’t worth that much. It’s a romanticized, culture war notion that ranching in SE Oregon and Idaho could be profitable without the government. It’s only possible because it’s largely underwritten by the government.

Like a lot of small businesses, ranching is being strangled by a globalized meat producing machine and their products as a result aren’t worth very much, even with as much help as they get.