Some Names, Some Investigations

There weren’t 17 “witnesses” in the House, there were 18. Why is Schiff holding back? Why is Atkinson saying things like “I did it because I did it!”

Sean Misko and Eric Ciaramella are interesting names.

DC is a nest of something.


I wonder what Misko and Ciaramella’s relationship is?

Poor Democrats, they’re such garbage lately. :rofl:

I’d really like to more about these two.

This is just a start.

The three amigos - Alexander Vindman, Eric Ciaramella & Sean Misko.

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The Vindman twins were hired by John Bolton.

From the Washington Times

Breitbart reported that Army Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, a senior ethics lawyer for the NSC, is in charge of reviewing publications such as the book manuscript submitted to the NSC on Dec. 30 by former National Security Adviser John Bolton.

The whistleblower. Who cares, the senate isn’t really having a trial anyhow.

It’s a done deal, the president is become a monarch.

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Do you really not care about these corrupt internal workings behind the scenes to undermine our elections? All I’ve heard for 3 ■■■■■■■ years is RUSSIAN COLLUSION! Now here is actual collusion being exposed but it isn’t external…it’s much worse…it’s internal…and your contribution is a snippet? Seriously? I’ve had you pegged as being more neutral and above that? Am I wrong?

Throw them in jail then, don’t mistakenly think I am defending them. My point was that if the senate refuses to call witnesses in what may well be the most impactful trial of the 21st century (early as it is), the president is truly above the law. THAT is a problem.


Should the Executive Branch help the Legislative Branch Impeach and remove The Head of the Executive Branch? If they did, that would be a problem.

It’s more bias. Only one side is being scrutinized and being held to a standard, while the other runs wild, deletes thousands of emails under Congressional subpoena, given immunity, allowed to have lawyers present when being questioned, those questioning you adore you but HATE your political opponent…etc, etc, etc. The crazy difference in standards is beyond blatantly obvious if…IF…your eyes are open?

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Having a proper trial in no way does that.

The House of Representatives is responsible for gathering evidence for impeachment. THEY IMPEACHED the PRESIDENT. No amount of evidence can reverse that.

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Two dozen directly relevant Trump emails were hidden from the trial.

Witnesses like Bolton with first hand knowledge are not being called.

It was not a “secretive” investigation, that’s a joke.

Did this 18th witness have exculpatory evidence? I don’t think so, since it has been admitted what was done more or less.

Also, I could swear I said throw them in jail. Did I imagine that?

Before any trial can be “proper”, it must be preceded by a “proper” investigation and there wasn’t one.

How do we know they are relevant? They could contain classified information for all we know.

Republicans had equal time to question witnesses

Just stop.


They didn’t get to call witnesses.

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